Travel through History of Edinburg with Timeline Trip Edinburgh

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :UI, easy to use
Negatives :none

There is so much to explore in the history. There are so much that world has gone through and we know a very small part of the same. It is thus very important to know the unknown and enrich our knowledge as that would give us a closer outlook of the world around us. While there are so many general knowledge books available in the market, they tend to be quite boring at times and you don’t feel like reading them again and again to remember things. Timeline Trip Edinburg makes things easy for you.


Timeline Trip Edinburg is an app that would give you a snap of the history in varied timeline. There are several things that are explained in the app. You can get to know Edinburg in app possible ways through the app. However, it is not an app that is limited for use of the people in the country itself. Anyone can download it for free from the iTunes store and the app will deliver with a lot of information.

When in the location, you can use the GPS and walk through the old map of the location to find out what the place was all about in past. Legends, characters and stories are covered in the app which makes it quite different from other GK based apps that are available in the market. Different eras of Edinburgh are covered in the app. The Stuart’s, the Scottish Enlightenment, The Union of the Crowns, the Industrial Revolution in Scotland and XXI century Edinburgh are there in it. if you are one who loves history, then this app will be really a treasure for you.


The app in question is written by the best tour guides of the city itself. You can change the transparency of the map and see how things have changed in the area. This will help you compare Edinburg in past and today. You can locate yourself easily on the map and check how it was previously. The timeline is divided into years and categories for better sorting. The app is currently available in English and Spanish.

As far as the technical specifications of the app are concerned, it takes only 62.4 MB space on your device. You can download it on iPad and iPhone with iOS 8.0 or later. The version 1.0 of the app is currently available in store.

Good: It allows you to note the difference of the area you are standing with its previous condition.

Bad: There is nothing bad about the great app.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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