Traffic Racer 2017 – Racing in 3D

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Genre :
Platform : Android
Developer : Ukiki
Positivies :Finally Traffic Racer 2017 – Racing in 3D is a special title I’ll be coming back over again in the future, and I suggest it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a challenging racing game.
Negatives :None

I had the opportunity to check out popular build of Traffic Racer 2017 – Racing in 3D by Ukiki on Android. When I sat down and tried it, I knew that this was something magical, as I’ve certainly never seen such a thrilling auto racing sequences with such uniqueness before. And I have become obsessed with this revolutionary 3D car driving race game.

The users could specially opt in for exceptional traffic racer and car racing game 3d with Traffic Racer 2017. You can experience crazy racing, entertaining levels, wildly exciting tracks and powerful cars which are all present in this adrenaline raising traffic racer. Altogether this Traffic Racer 2017 is qualitative car racing game and apt example of a driving speed game.

The players could experience driving in a city, on the island, in the desert, in the rain and through a snow storm. It is therefore a revolutionary 3D car driving race game for everyone who adores this genre. Traffic Racer 2017 has smooth control, thrilling auto racing sequences, and impressive graphics. In this car driving simulator the racing game experience would be sensational.

The passionate players could drive as fast as they can and even overtake other cars for bonus points. Also you can use your cash to unlock new cars, tracks, and accessories. The game is enclosed with 40+ levels, built in ads and multiple gaming types. You could adeptly jump in and be the best car traffic racer on the road.

Salient Features of Traffic Racer 2017 – Racing in 3D

  • Presence of exclusive 3D graphic traffic racing that takes you to the heart of the city
  • The users could experience real speed driving with our smooth game control
  • You could also earn money by completing levels and possible to use their cash to unlock exciting stuff
  • The players can select this auto racing game in two modes namely as Career Mode or Endless Drive Mode
  • You can easily challenge yourself and complete all 40 levels in Career Mode namely with Checkpoint, Time attack, Overtake Cars
  • The players can choose 4 kinds of environment: City, Island, Rain, Snow and Desert
  • Use exquisite controls which turn the driving into a really enjoyable experience

It is possible to use their earnings for unlocking beautiful & super-fast cars. You can also customize them by adding custom paint, wheels, speed, traction and more. You have every opportunity to select another car to drive and customize it. The players can also change the painting, the wheels, and upgrade it for better performance on the road. You can also overtake other cars easily.

How to Control?

  • Touch the screen or tilt your phone to steer your vehicle
  • Tap on the gas button to speed up your race car
  • Slow down by touching the brake button so you won’t hit other cars

Finally Traffic Racer 2017 – Racing in 3D is a special title I’ll be coming back over again in the future, and I suggest it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a challenging racing game.


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