Totally Epic Battle Simulator

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Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Mattia La Spina
Positivies :Epic battle simulation
Negatives :None

When I saw Totally Accursed Battle Simulator or TABS Battle Sim game developed by MasaApps360 on the Play Store, I was primarily obsessed by the game concept. I’ve finally had good time to dive into the game after a lot of analysis, and I have to surely admit that it does not disappoint. It is one of the more exciting games that have been released so far this year.

What is the goal in Totally Accursed Battle Simulator or TABS Battle Sim

The enemies have only one goal: to overthrow your empire, your army, your family. So you must quickly draw and plot your epic battle formations in order to protect your base. Your troops will follow your orders.

You must react quickly to prevent them from destroying your army. The horde will continue to come at you from different angles. Moreover you had to defend against wave after wave of enemy units, until you reach the ultimate glory of battle simulations.

Can you draw fast enough, think of perfect war lines?

Totally Accursed Battle Simulator or TABS is an epic battle simulator with ragdoll physics where you are in total control and form your strategy to win in the crazy battle simulator.

You can place a wide variety of Totally Accursed Battle Simulator or TABS units in a myriad of different formations on the battlefield to create your own battles. In addition select from a wide variety of units in Totally Accursed Battle Simulator or TABS, such as lackeys, Viking longboats, Roman legionaries and longbow archers, archers with fire arrows and many more troops for crazy battle simulations. They are regarded to be epic medieval battle simulator, since its style is medieval and its troops and units have that medieval setting.

How to Play Totally Accursed Battle Simulator or TABS Battle Sim

It is easy where you only have to position the troops and give start battle, and then you can see how your troops and enemy units are torn apart on the battlefield, enjoy the epic battle in different speeds, and put the epic battle in speed 2 to see how your troops advance quickly to the enemy.

Train your soldiers

Your troops like any soldier need training, but this training has a cost, in this case they are gems, earn gems by snatching them from the enemies in each battle, and then use those gems to train your allied soldiers. You must remember that the level of the soldiers affects their characteristics in battle and these characteristics need to be raised to progress through the different levels. Moreover finish the campaign and upgrade your troops. Also check and upgrade your soldiers in the corresponding menu, you will be able to see what they look like on the battlefield, they are real war machines.

As all war machines have a cost, not only the cost of training, but also a cost of deployment, so the more you train your soldiers the more efficient your army will be in TABS or Totally Accursed Battle Simulator.

Key Features of Totally Accursed Battle Simulator or TABS Battle Sim

  • Top Epic battle simulation
  • Crazy ragdoll physics
  • Many troop types and more to come in the next updates
  • Several Troop upgrades
  • Best Animated troop menu, where you can see your soldiers
  • Player statistics, important for the upcoming online multiplayer implementation
  • Graphics and camera movement adjustments
  • Constant updating by the developer who has in mind to implement online multiplayer
  • There are different landscapes and many levels

Final Say

I’m a huge fan of this kind of game genre, and Totally Accursed Battle Simulator TABS Battle Sim game app developed by MasaApps360 falls right into that best category. It’s been fun so effective and I recommend it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys the entertaining game.


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