Here we go with the newest review, in this case, Torchlight 2 (demo version)! Trial gives access to all main features, but does limit the amount of quests after which the game is over. Torchlight 2 includes a cast of memorable characters to choose from, each being different in terms of game-play… There are 4 playable classes in the game : Outlander, Embermage, Berserker and Engineer! Outlander is great at distance as he specializes in long range weapons… He is able to lay fire from afar while not being hit by opponents! In opposition there is Berserker class, which is the most effective when it comes to dealing damage in hand-to-hand combat! Berserker certainly makes a great addition to every party!

Embermage is a great choice if magic is your proffered way of dealing with opponents! Engineer is a class that its rather hard to describe in one sentence, as he can easily deal with opponents and also is in possession of some handy skills, like Healing Bot! This can greatly enhance you and your team-mates when combat gets tough! Torchlight is worldly renown for its great and characterful pets, and the newest installment proves that those got even more enhanced… Pets can be send to town to do shopping, and they come back after a moment fully restocked! Game has beautiful visual style that shines as a star. Audio department hits very high as musical score is one of the best you will ever find in a game!

Unfortunately, trial restricts access to online features… But at the moment of writing this, I’m more than sure that co-op mode will be a certain blast to play! Torchlight 2 is an adventure you’ve been waiting for a long time! Game has exactly everything you need: great characters, tempting loot, unique setting and story… This mixture adds to only one possible score at the end of this review!

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