ToDo Notes 365 – Tasks, notes and organization

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Genre : Productivity
Platform : Android
Developer : DriverApps
Positivies :Business & Productivity
Negatives :None

Do you have trouble organizing your notes?

No one can tell what starts a good thought. Get motivated, save your thoughts, arrange them and offer with others – all from your mobile phone Begin making, overseeing and sharing your notes, daily agendas etc. Download and introduce ToDo Notes 365 today and experience the perfect organization. This application will be of great help to you to draft notes, tasks etc to be on task all the time without forgetting them.

How does ToDo Notes 365 Work?

ToDo Notes 365 is a simple application with a lot of good features. Every time you unlock the screen of your device the pending notes appear right away on the screen so it is impossible to forget them and you will be on the right to complete your work. You can create unlimited notes for any day of the year. Organized under different colors and with different icons.

Who can use ToDo Notes 365?

This will perfectly fit any personality to keep their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly work by reminding all the time hence it will easy for the individual to remind about the work to be completed on the stipulated time.

Highlights of ToDo Notes 365

  • You can write down all your notes: work notes, study notes, meeting notes, etc. Any type of note you need.
  • you can group your notes under different colors and icons.
  • You can group your ideas from more to less important with different colors ranging from red to grey.This way you can give priority to the most relevant categories with red or orange colors, and less priority to other categories with grey colors.
  • Also, you can use icons related to your categories:studies, jobs, meetings, health, exercise, etc. Anything you can think of.
  • Once you have created your categories and added the color and icon, you can create your tasks.You can create unlimited tasks for each category.
  • When you finish a task, you can enter the category and delete it.This way you will no longer appear in the category.
  • If you’ve completed all the tasks in a category, you can simply delete the category and it won’t appear anymore.Completed category Congratulations!

Main features of ToDo Notes 365

  • You’ll see your pending tasks every time you unlock the screen of your mobile device. So you can’t forget about them.
  • You can organize your notes in different colors
  • You can organize your tasks with different icons.
  • You can delete your completed tasks and they will no longer appear in the category.
  • You can delete the category once you have finished all the categories.
  • If at any time you want to pause the app, you can do so without having to uninstall it. You can stop it with the lock that will appear at the top of the application.
  • It encourages and motivates you every time you finish a task or a category

Final Say,

It is time to work smartly with smart applications like ToDo Notes 365. Get your task organized correctly without any pending tasks and be motivated and happy always with this wonderful application. This simple application is astounded with wonderful features to draft your notes and to remind the same to complete it.

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