TinyShout : Best Social App to Use

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : WaitIQ LLC
Positivies :private message, UI
Negatives :none

TinyShout is one of the best iPhone apps to communicate with dear and near ones around you. This exotic app is ready to use in all conditions. That means, you can use TinyShout even without friends and followers. Users can send a ShoutOut to to communicate with their friends and relatives. This app can be also defined as a patent pending proximity based messenger that provides maximum support to users. Time expiration is a feature of this iPhone communication app. Hence the messages done by sender will remain in app only for a certain period of time.


Easy messaging from anywhere is a special feature of this exotic iPhone app. You can make use of this tiny iPhone app at anytime and anywhere. It is an ideal choice of app for all in search of the best iPhone app to send messages within a certain distance. That means only people in that particular range can see the messages sent by sender. For example, if the sender defines the areas as 1000 feet, TinyShout will only show its messages to people within 1000 feet range.
There are several advantages by using TinyShout for sending and receiving messages. Anonymous messaging is a highlighting feature of new TinyShout iPhone app. It allows user to send messages without revealing the name and details of messenger. Hence it is an apt choice for all in search of the best way to send messages in an anonymous form. Enhanced security is another exotic feature of this iPhone communication app. That means, a person can receive his or her message only by knowing the security passcode. It serves as an added security for the messaging option.


Today, TinyShout serves as the best iPhone app to send messages with enhanced security. Timer is another advanced option available in TinyShout. It allows each and every user of this iPhone app to destroy their message after a certain period of time. If the timer is set for five minutes, then the TinyShout will destroy the messages after the exact five minutes time. Messages sent by the person can be either fixed or mobile. This feature allows enhanced user comfort to send their messages to required person.

How to activate and send message using TinyShout app? This question is quite common from new users. Today, you can easily download this iPhone app from online stores like Google Play. First of all users are advised to download the app and create an account. Setting up the timer and location is the next step done while using TinyShout app. User can also select the type of message here. That means, user is going to decide here whether the message is private or public.
Receiver can also decide the type of message. All private messages are kept inside the private chat button of app which can be deleted as per the need of sender and receiver. As said earlier, maximum privacy is highlighting feature that distinguishes TinyShout from others. In all ways, TinyShout is an ideal companion of app to connect to the dear and near ones near user.

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