The Jumpers – Game Review

by | May 31, 2020 | 0 comments

Genre : Arcade
Platform : Android
Developer : GC APPS
Positivies :Fun game
Negatives :None

Playing games are a way of reducing stress and depression from our minds. They also boost our adrenaline content and make us more brisk than usual. Research to date suggests that when you play video games, they are more beneficial for the mental health than most people think. Video games can shape our behaviour and our brain for the better. They are increasingly being enjoyed by all age group people, right from kids to aged old adults. With the rising technology, the number of people playing these games has also increased. Video games have sometimes been criticized or praised by the media. But what no one told us was that video games while being addictive are also a way for most people to let off stress and relax while also changing the way our brain handles difficult situations.

‘The Jumpers’ is a mobile based game that involves running and racing.

Developed by:

The Jumpers’ was created and developed by ‘GC APPS’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘The Jumpers’ app on your mobile phone or any other compatible devices. Now launch the game on your device and start playing the game. ‘The Jumpers’ is a running game where you get to keep running. Tap on to the screen to slide and release the touch to jump. Double tap the screen to double jump. As you keep playing watch out for the deadly traps that come along your way while you race. Collect coins to unlock new characters to play with.

Features of the game:

The Jumpers’ has many cool and exciting features of which some are given here.

  • One touch game play
  • Fun and interesting game
  • Addictive and exciting
  • Compare your score with your friends and challenge them

Compatible with:

The Jumpers’ works on all Android devices.

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