Tamer Saga

by | Apr 15, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : Role Playing
Platform : MMORPG | PC
Developer : PopFace
Positivies :; great graphical design ; pet system
Negatives :; can be addictive!

Although Tamer Saga is a rather typical title in the MMO-RPG genre, it allows for a lot of fresh game-play twists… So don’t you sit back and come with me to the world of Saga! Game gives you a choice over 4 playable classes: Ranger, Warrior, Mage, Priest (each with additional male/female variation), adding up to 8 differently looking characters! Those are very well designed and animated. Game especially shines when it comes to graphics (cel-shading style) and musical score! Tamer Saga, as for a browser title offers a beautiful world, which is filled with details and “lively” characters…

Game shines in terms of battles, which are turn-based and are definitely great to look at! Hero’s attacks flash, make thunderous sounds and are especially powerful. Saga, wouldn’t be obviously called “tamer” if not for a great pet system! Fortunately, PopFace achieved in making “pet dream” come true… Our little pals help us in battle, and what’s more we can customize our fighting formation to fit our personal needs! This is a very refreshing idea… Believe it or not, but each pet has it’s own menu with detailed statistic (everything you would want plus more!)… Tamer Saga offers incredibly beautiful weapons and pieces of equipment, which look particularly cool when worn by your hero…

I personally fell in love with female Ranger that really stands out in terms of looks, color palette and design! There is also a huge “Divine” function in Tamer Saga, which bases on constantly updated timer. When it reaches zero, you get to draw a card from Divine Deck, that grants special in-game bonuses… For example, I drew two unique mounts and a huge pile of cash! Simply great!

Tamer Saga, is a great example that there is still more to do in the MMO-RPG world….. This game achieved in bringing a scent of freshness and excitement to the genre! Its offering in terms of content is wealthy enough, to satisfy nearly everyone.

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