Stick Run Mobile: Stick to Your Running Spree

by | Aug 10, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : Android Game
Platform : Android
Developer : Nekki GmbH
Positivies :The game is quite easy to learn and as there is no limit to levels.
Negatives :The game is priced a bit too high .

There are some games that look simple but are fun to play. These games are made for all age groups and all types of game interest levels and they are sure hit in the forum of games. You can play those games no matter how long you want and till you get tired. One such game was based on a helicopter but the graphics were not too interesting. At the same time, the game did not have many obstacles to keep a player engaged for a long time. However, these two things are taken care of in Stick run mobile game which has enriched graphics and obstacles that are actually difficult at times.

The Stick run mobile game is the android version of the endless runner game available on Facebook. The game was a smash hit on Facebook with millions of active users playing the game. You will be amazed to know that the game was developed by 16 years old boy and created such a rage. Now, this game is available for android users and they just require paying $1.99 for the same. There can be numerous obstacles and you should avoid banging on any of them. One bang will end the game. The more you run the more you score and there is no end to it. People are trying to create their own record and break the records that others have. There are numerous features that make the game interesting.



  • Stick Run Mobile is the mobile version of the popular game of endless runner on Facebook.
  • There is no end to how much you can run in the game.
  • The graphics is kept quite simple yet interesting. There is not much done with the human runner.
  • The obstacles can be crates which can be one or many. Saw blades, panes of glass can also come as obstacles.
  • The game will end once you run headlong to an obstacle.
  • Intuitive thumbs control is introduced in the game to make it long playable.
  • The game provides cool power-ups to keep you engaged.
  • You can collect items and currency as you run through the path.
  • There are challenging achievements in the game which will keep your interest going.
  • You can also feature on international leader board and make your friends know how you are moving up the ladder.
  • The game requires only android 1.5 or later and takes only 21m space on your device.
  • The version 1.0.3 of the app is currently available in the market.

Summary: Stick Run Mobile is a game of running without limit where the character runs through a path and gets passed the obstacles that come in the way. It is an endless game and quite interesting.

Good: The game is quite easy to learn and as there is no limit to levels, it will keep you asking for more.

Bad: The game is priced a bit too high when you consider the graphics and scope of experimentation. However, the popularity of the game is the sole reason of the price.

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