Let the story never end, because it’s really beautiful! This game is played completely in your Internet browser and doesn’t require any installation or downloading files! You just open your Opera and have fun. Starlight Story begins in the future, when you are forced to journey to the past, as some Black Angel kidnapped a scientist and threatens the whole world. Game supports five playable classes, which are: Squire, Apprentice, Rogue, Duelist and Magi. Each class is played a little different and has its own unique stats and weaponry.

Starlight Story offers a very cool option called transformation… Now upon activating, your hero transforms into a killing machine (for a little while). In this “mode” he is stronger, and more durable. There are many different forms that characters can transform into. For those who don’t want to be alone, Starlight Story has a pet system. Pets follow you all the time and defend you when needed! It’s worth mentioning that the game gives you an open hand in terms of “pet management”. This means that you can completely arrange your pet to your liking, for example you determine its skills and the way it should act on the battlefield…

I would be lying to you, if I said that Starlight Story is visually unattractive… Now, you know that the game looks beautiful and its colorful palette and “dreamy” environments can make an impression! I have unfortunately noticed a negative side to the game… I love Starlight Story but, I felt like in some cases it was just too linear and easy at once… Let me explain: during my adventure I haven’t used a single potion to heal my character and my hero could almost totally rule the opposite monsters, not even taking a single drop of blood! There should be some balance behind it, because this makes such a great game feel “unreal”…

Starlight Story is a game that should appear to anyone, because it’s for the most of the time – addictive, enjoyable and charming! That’s why I love it… For a title played right in a browser this is more than enough!

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