There are many surprising benefits of playing games on the mobile as opposed to what many people think. As you embark on a journey of gaming with your mobile phone, you will see how good it feels to play and win in a challenging game. Through this one can say that mobile games improves the mood and lifts up the spirit. Of course they are not as effective as medical help, but they tend to manage the conditions like depression and anxiety. There are many mobile based games that help you to keep your brain engaged. When you choose the right game they improve your spatial awareness and boost memory.

‘Squidotopia – Underwater Game’ is a mobile based application that is an underwater sea game with thrilling and challenging game play.

Developed by:

Squidotopia – Underwater Game’ was created and developed by ‘ Arnous Tech’.

How the game works:

Download and install the ‘Squidotopia – Underwater Game’ on your mobile phone or other devices that are mobile and suitable with the app. Now launch the game on your device and accept the terms and conditions and login with your account. Now start playing the game by tapping on the screen. Make sure that your squid does not hit any of the sharp surfaces. Keep the squid on the water and collect coins, stars and diamonds to get the highest score. The game might seem simple but it is challenging and addictive for players.

Features of the app:

Squidotopia – Underwater Game’ has many alluring and interesting features of which some are listed here.

  • Challenging and addictive game play
  • HD quality graphics
  • Endless game levels with lots of difficulties
  • Collect stars and diamonds to unlock new version of the squids

Compatible with:


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