Special Forces: Team X

by | Mar 13, 2013 | 0 comments

Platform : XBox 360
Developer : Zombie Studios
Positivies :; cel-shading effect gives original look
Negatives :; game is an frustrating experience ; not balanced ; models suck!

Special Forces: Team X wanted to be a 3rd person tactical shooter with the use of cover. Unfortunately, despite some nice elements included the game, it can be considered rather a failure.. Special Forces: Team X is a brand new product that features cel-shading graphics. Speaking of visuals in the game, they (while no tragic), could obviously use better texture resolutions. Game includes only multi-player component, so to my thinking it should be polished to perfection. But in reality it shows that it’s not even that good to give it a go!

This game could be very nice a few years ago. Comparing it to today’s standards it seems very generic and non-competitive when speaking of real tactical shooters… I got really disappointed by Special Forces: Team X, because I thought that it would be a quite nice experience. In the game we can get some cover from objects, like barriers etc. Also there’s rolling movement which will be used during “hard hitting” situation or when getting from cover to cover. Unfortunately I noticed balance problem during matches… Some weapons have strange characteristics and can make you tap yourself in the head, when you see what they can really be up to! Aiming can be sometimes also a part of luck.

In Special Forces: Team X, we get characters with pre-made loud-outs. Models included in the game mostly suck and are pain to look at! They won’t certainly get anybody to the game when looked at… In Special Forces: Team X there are elements of leveling up your characters and customizing weapons. But don’t you think that this will you do any good – those were spoiled by bad implementation. Most of the earlier mentioned elements of the game seems to work, but they “work” in such a bad way, that make the whole game totally inconsistent…
It’s hard to recommend this product to anyone, because it’s ought to cause disappointment, rather that enjoyment. Beware of Special Forces!

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