Yes, we just put our hands on the new Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed demo and there are our observations concerning the new Sonic incarnation… So Sonic’s back to the racer scene once again. And you know what? This time it’s just hilarious! There were zillions of racing games involving him but this will certainly go to the gaming history.. Let’s start with the idea going behind the newest Sonic installment that is as crazy as could be! Imagine cars that when contradict water become racer-boats. The same happens in air! Air-racing? Yes, that’s really the way to be.

Game has unique power not found in any racing game we had before in the series. When playing Sonic for the first time, my car started to air-glide and went flying for about half of the level! I nearly fell out of the chair! Effect is so huge, because physics behind those water and air riding elements are immense! This makes the whole thing super realistic.Luckily, for all of you, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed includes character leveling component, making whole game more oriented on achieving goals, than racing itself…

This time game’s graphics and animation allow to make dreams come true! All the flying and water-drifting effects looks really amazing! New Sonic, though at first may not seem revolutionary, makes a great leap towards completely new and not seen in the franchise yet, areas! Try it yourself, it’s powerful like never before!

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