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Genre :
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Thomas Thompson
Positivies :UI, easy to use
Negatives :none

Are you an iPhone user or having an iOS device? If so, you might have wanted to share media or files to any other devices, but, unfortunately, you are not allowed to do so in the previous versions of the iOS. But now if you are having the latest OS, you can share files safely using Bluetooth on the same as well as cross-platforms. Well, there are so many apps which offers Bluetooth feature in it. But, I got the best one for you to review it today! Snifferton is the ultimate app where you can discover all the Bluetooth devices near you. You can share media files with other devices and keep and eye on them if anyone is trying to spy on your device.

Snifferton has been developed by Thomas Thompson and it’s suitable for all the devices having iOS 13.2 or any later versions of the Operating System. The app comes under the Utilities category and serves you as a useful and handy app to monitor the Bluetooth devices near you. If you want to keep your device safe and secure from all the hackers around you, then Snifferton is a must have app for the iOS users.

After installing the app on your device, you can monitor all the devices having Snifferton near you! Moreover, you can share media files wherever you are without any interruption. The app alerts you whenever a device comes nearer to your Smartphone and displays a list of all those devices on the dashboard of the Snifferton app. The app acts as your own personal agent which identifies any Bluetooth device that comes in contact with your mobile phone. You can mark those devices with which you have connected and want to monitor their activity in the future.

The unique feature of this app is that you can monitor all the devices which are operating near you about half a football length. With Snifferton, you can save several devices in multiple locations synced with your device. The Dashboard of the app clearly gives a list of the total number of devices present near you with their details such as name, signal strength and time period they were present near your device. The user-interface of the Snifferton app is just awesome and works great. You can track as many devices as you want with the help of this app such as an Apple TV, an Android Tablet, or any other mobile device or tile, etc. Every device is quickly identified by this intelligent app.

The Snifferton app is available for free to download in English language and for those people above 4 years of age. However, the app offers in-app purchases and a promotional subscription at a price of 4.99 USD pre tax per month. So what are you waiting for!

Get the all new Snifferton apps on your iOS device and enjoy unlimited Bluetooth sharing without any break.

Go for it now and happy sniffing!

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