Skyripper is the newest game that popped out from GameWave and is mostly into MMO-RPG genre. Sadly, game doesn’t offer much in terms of customization, because upon starting the game, you have the choice between: male and female character! This doesn’t sound inviting at all. You begin your journey in a village, helping citizens by doing different tasks.. These involve killing certain monsters, delivering some message and collecting resources… After completing a quest you’re given bonus cash and experience (sometimes an item).

Skyripper is a browser-based game, and should be praised for it’s detailed visuals, that remind the best works of designers and graphics. They have made a great job in bringing the game world to life. What can be a little confusing is that you get a choice of your hero’s class (between Berserker, Archer, Dancer and Monk) after reaching level 15! This is not a particularly impressive prospect because it gives you a feeling that you’ve been working all this time for free! Although Skyripper offers very good graphics and design, it completely fails in two areas. Firstly, quests (kill, talk, collect) are very generic, repetitive, and doesn’t do anything to motivate player to complete them! Secondly, in-game scripts (NPC talk) are boring as hell, and doesn’t’ stand in terms of quality to the most free MMO-RPGs on the market!

Also Skyripper is completely linear, and you get the feeling that you’re constantly navigated through pre-made tracks! This eliminates freedom of movement and acting because everything is based on going from A to B! It hurts me as a player, because Skyripper could have been a game that reminded Diablo 2. It hurts me as a reviewer, that developers wasted this game’s potential releasing a product that is beautiful but totally unplayable because of linearity, uninspiring tasks and NPCs… This game is not suited for real gamers, because they need some impulse of thinking from the game, which in Skyripper is not present…

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