Shoply : Must Have App for Shopping Freaks

by | Jan 19, 2015 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Shoply Labs LLC
Positivies :coupons, all in one storage, reminder
Negatives :none

The introduction of computers and the internet has given the world something to be happy about. Everybody all over the world nowadays find tasks very easy to perform, all thanks to computers and the internet. People can communicate with one another when they are thousand miles away from each other. Work related tasks, as well are simple and fast with the new technology of internet and computers. As such, one wonders what would be the next level that technology will land the world. Trends in the technological development are promising a new thing, a new innovation each day. For example, with the introduction of iPhones and iPads, people thought that was the height of technology until the recent applications in these devices that have left everyone amazed-the Shoply.


Do you own an iPhone or an iPad? Then Shoply is just for people like you. Perhaps you are wondering what Shoply app is all about. It is an amazing application that helps you locate deals for you to help you in shopping. The Shoply application in your iphone helps you in organizing all your loyalty cards, gift cards, and retail coupons. As such, this application is your digital wallet. It is designed in a way that it can learn your preferences and tastes such that it can establish your preferred shopping joints. Such intuition makes it possible for Shoply to locate deals that are within your preferences. It assumes the role of a magical shopping genie. This app will help you save some money that you would have used on electronics, books, accessories, shoes, and even clothes. With Shoply installed in your iphone, you are assured of in-store sales, online codes and hand-curated discounts from numerous retailers all over.


Besides, the fact that, Shoply puts all your cards and coupons together, the application comes with magical features to make your shopping experience easy, fast and cheap. To begin with, Shoply the COUPON YOU CARE ABOUT feature. This feature allows you to identify the retailers that you prefer and it will pull weekly ads, circulars and coupons depending on your taste and preference. The app comes with an ALL-IN-ONE STORAGE feature that allows you the opportunity to enter the details of your loyalty and gift cards into the app. With this feature, your shopping will be organized like never before.


In addition this application has helpful reminders to keep you up to date about new deals, new sales, and even alert you about the expiry of your coupons. Besides, when you use your Shoply app, you can earn points, which you can redeem for electronic gift cards. Evidently, with Shoply app in your iphone or ipad, you can enjoy several shopping benefits. In addition, the application gives you an intelligent interaction. It is able to learn your tastes, styles and preference with time, after which all coupons, deals and sales that you receive will be in line with your preference, location and style. What are you waiting for; get the Shoply iphone app and getting an advanced shopping experience like never before.

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