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Genre :
Platform : Android
Developer : Shazzle LLC
Positivies :UI, graphics, fun
Negatives :none

Text messages have become a part of our life since long now. Moreover, the way of messaging has also been changed over the past years. And will keep on changing in the upcoming generations because technology is progressing very well. There are social media apps which offer messaging services and ensure the people about their safety on these apps. But, how do you know whether these apps are safe or not? The messages you send to your friends or anyone else are end-to-end encrypted? Well, you’re definitely not sure about it! Am I right? You will not be surprised that these apps may prove to be unsafe for you sometimes. Yes! So if I introduce you to an app which is safe as well as encrypted for sending messages. Will you try it? Of course you must!

Shazzle Chat is a free privacy messaging network and it’s the only messaging platform that never gets your data. I mean to say that it’s the only messaging app worldwide, which enables you to send the message directly. There is no other medium in between which can steal your data. It’s the only safest messaging app developed for the sake of its users that gives true privacy. The app has been developed by Shazzle, Inc. It requires the latest version of the Android Operating Systems on your device.

With ShazzleChat, you can create your own privacy network. It’s very easy to share your feelings with anyone you want without ramifications. Sometimes, you only want to express yourself with anyone you trust and don’t want anyone to interfere in between. So Shazzle Chat allows its users to send messages privately without any hesitation. No one can track them later because the messages will be sent directly to you without any mediator.

To begin with the app, you need to download it from the Google App Store and then Sign Up. You need to create your profile and verify your email as well. Thereafter, you can invite anyone you want to join in the messaging network just like whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc. You can invite more contacts from your family as well as friends list. Once they join the network, you can start chatting with them and create a group or friends or family if you want to!

Overall, Shazzle Chat connects you with your circle or group and never keeps any record of your delivered content and never limits the amount of content you may deliver. It prevents the data aggregation, data-mining, and discovery to which all web communications are exposed. The content only resides with the Sender and the Recipient. So Shazzle Chat is designed with the main objective of connecting people not recording or profiling them! ShazzleChat doesn’t store your communications unlike other messaging apps. You don’t need to trust us because we don’t want you to trust us. We only ensure your privacy and safety. It’s our duty to send your message safely and blindly.

The app is available for absolutely free of cost on the Google App Store. Get it now!

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