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Genre : Web
Platform : Web app
Developer : Serpproxy
Positivies :UI, simple, effective proxy
Negatives :none

What do you mean by SERP? It’s a simple abbreviation which has a very useful meaning. It’s called Search Engine Results Pages, that are known as the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a searcher. For example- when we search for something on the Google, some pages are displayed related to that query, that are known as Serp. These pages can contain anything related to a single keyword. You may not require all those but, the pages will display everything such as documents, images, advertisements and all that are related to those queries.

Scraping a search engine result page means obtaining the results from a Google search for any word and putting them in a document. If you need a scraping tool, I have something brilliant for you guys! It’s known as SERP PROXY. It’s a SERP Scraping platform which offers serp scraping APIs to make your task easy. Scraping Serps is not an easy task to do, it is a labour intensive process. All the tasks such as managing proxy-networks, dealing with captcha solverssolvers, as well as the parsing of results, are to be done regularly, in order to keep a SERP scraper up and running. That’s why an API is used for SERP scraping.

You know that SERP scraping is not easy if we do manually. So with this real-time Google Search API, SERP scraping is just awesome! When you search for a query on the Google search API, the results will be displayed in an easy-to-read JSON format.

This API offers many parameters, that can be used to make your search more specific. There are a limited number of search parameters in this API as this is a demo only. All the list of search parameters can be found in the documentation. The API is powered by a strong infrastructure and provides you high performance, no matter what’s the request volume in the industry.

This Google Search API can handle any number of search requests!

Serpproxy offers access to the top 100 organic search results, as well as places, ads, rich snippets, and all other Google search modules. Not only this, the servers provide one of the fastest serp scraping services in the industry, you can test it once you use it! The results displayed are highly accurate and according to the want of a user! Serpproxy is a location based service which enables you to obtain location based and geolocated search engine results.

Overall, is a fast and reliable API which makes your serp scraping easy and scalable. So Sign Up for a free plan, no credit card requires, it’s forever free! You can make 50 API calls/ month and avail a lot of other benefits as well. If you have any questions regarding SERP proxy, you can get in touch with our team- we are always ready to help you! You can send a message quickly and you will get a reply as soon as possible!

So let’s get started and enjoy the benefits of SERP proxy! 

Pros: makes serp scraping easier; provides maximum speed; highly accurate results; scalable; location based; free plan.

Cons: none.

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