Serious Sam Double D XXL

by | Mar 12, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : Action
Platform : XBox 360
Positivies :; game achieved in bringing Sam Serious to 2d ; one of the more content-rich downloads ever!
Negatives :; graphics could be better ; game has aiming sensitivity problems

Today we will share some observations on Serious Sam Double D XXL after playing a fresh-new demo… At the start it’s worth mentioning that XXL version is something like an ultra-upgrade to Serious Sam Double D game. Do we like more for free? Yes, we do. And this version is a so much content-filled addition to Double D that you would be a fool to miss it!

If someone told me that Serious Sam will be seen in a platformer game, I wouldn’t believe it.. And now that it happens! Let’s say that this idea is a little bit extraordinary… But to my impression Sam is still “Serious” in this installment of the franchise and his spirit can be felt more than a once over the course of the game. For those who wandered, Sam Serious decided to take part in a classic platformer title! This means a lot changes to the game-play. Firstly, the field of view is more wide that in FPS version of Sam Serious…

Now, main commands will be walking, jumping, aiming and shooting. Speaking of controls they work rather nice, but I had some impressions that aiming is a little bit too sensitive… Though in some heavy situations when you get attacked by a hundred of Mental’s creatures, this can be a little annoying… The developers took their every effort to create game-play that will resemble Serious Sam in the best way… So there will be Egypt level, shotgun, Tommy-Gun, well known monsters from the universe and even… NETRICSA! Hopefully there are checkpoints located in the levels, so when fighting some big enemies, you won’t loose the progress of the game.

So If you’re still not ready to try out Serious Sam Double D XXL listen: this version brings two player co-op (this will rock!), 30 new levels and more changes and smaller additions to the game. Most of the time we will fight with countless numbers of Mentol’s creations and searching for hidden power-ups. Serious Sam Double Double XXL has quite nice visuals and sounds. Game looks exactly like a Sam platformer should look like!
On the end of this preview I can say that new incarnation of Serious Sam, can be called a good one. Game has enough to it to keep most of the players for a long while! For Sam’s fans this is a must…

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