Send Overnight Mail : WebApp Review

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Genre : Web
Platform : Web app
Positivies :UI, easy to use, simple
Negatives :only for US

Are you having really busy schedules and it’s difficult for you to send out express mails? Don’t worry here we will introduce and review an amazing alternative for you that will help you to send express mails easily. “Send Overnight Mail” is an amazing web based application that helps you to send out express mails easily and appropriately and minimise your pressure and load. Express Mailing is usually involved in every profession regardless of your position and type of organization. This web based application is designed to send out your express mails easily and conveniently without interrupting you. It’s one of the fastest way to send express mails online or offline. This web app assures you the safety and security of all your uploaded and sent files. Once the mail is sent, it gets automatically deleted from the webapp server. The cost of this webapp is not too high and it’s in your budget probably. They charge you around $1 for 4 pages and $0.25 for any other additional pages.

Here we will explain you how to use this “Send Overnight Mail” Webapp and will review it on the basis of its performance, features, PROs and CONs.

Let’s start

How To Use Send Overnight Mail” Webapp

One of the greatest thing about this webapp is that you don’t need to sign-up or have an account to use its services. Your mails will be delivered with the help of selected FedEx service level and fulfilled with great range of locations nationwide. Fulfilment requests are placed quickly and you will be notified at the checkout about production delay that may occur probably due to any cutoff issues. You will receive a confirmation mail right after the mail gets accepted for fulfilment. You will also get a tracking number that will help you to check status of your mail. Usually, all mails are delivered within 2 hours after the order is placed appropriately.

It’s one of the safest and secure way to send express mail as your mail data will be deleted automatically from the webapp server as soon as it will be delivered.

Excellent Features Of “ Send Overnight Mail” Webapp

“ Send Overnight Mail” Webapp has so many beneficial features that helps individuals to send express mail worldwide. Some of its eye catching features are listed below:

  • Document Uploading

This webapp feature allows you to send any of your PDF documents including bills, contracts, applications etc. within the United states easily.

  • Multiple Options To Deliver

The webapp is designed with multiple delivery options. This feature allows you to choose an appropriate delivery option on the basis of your budget and timeline.

  • Confirmation Mail

It’s an amazing feature that confirms you the delivery of your express mail. A confirmation is sent to your email id right after they assign a tracking number for your envelope.

  • Safe And Secure Payments

They never store your card and login details. Your payments will be processed safely and securely using PayPal or Stripe. Thus, everything here is safe and secure for you.


  • User friendly webapp interface that helps you to understand everything appropriately
  • It’s a fast and secure way to send express mails
  • Service cost is not too high
  • No need to sign-up or have an account to access services of this webapp
  • All your mail data will be confidential
  • All of your uploaded data will be safe and these data will be deleted immediately after the processing.


“ Send Overnight Mail” Webapp has nothing to disappoint you. However, their services are limited to the United States only . But they are planning to expand their services worldwide soon.

Final Verdict

Overall, “ Send Overnight Mail” is an amazing webapp that helps you to send express mails easily in The United States regions. You must try this webapp, you will surely have a great experience with this webapp.

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