Scryer: Find Players for Tabletop Games Reviews

by | Jun 10, 2020 | 0 comments

Genre : Social
Platform : Android
Developer : Crimson Owl Apps
Positivies :Social Game
Negatives :None

While things have been a bit busy schedule for me as of late, I still manage to make some time for familiar Android apps when I have some leisure or downtime to spare. I was greatly intrigued with Scryer: Find Players for Tabletop Games developed by Crimson Owl Apps since it looked like a special something set it apart from the others.

Are you tired of forcing your friends and family to play your favorite tabletop rpg game and like to play with players that are actually on your level, share the same passion, and play the styles you like? Then you can try this reputed Scryer – the ultimate tabletop group finding app where you can find players, create groups for your favorite tabletop games, and chat to arrange in-person game events.

Location Based Match-up

Primarily this Scryer is a location-based group matchup to find Players or GMs for your next Tabletop RPG game. It qualitatively uses your location and preferences to find gamers & serves as a tabletop chat for gamers.

You can join as either a Player or GM, set your detailed information and preferences and Scryer will show you the closest matches to help you contact and meet gamers & new members to play with. Finding players & arranging your next session has never been this easy and simple.

Arrange In-person Group Events

If you are really passionate and excited to play a fun tabletop role-playing game with gamers that might be better than you? Then download this quality app of Scryer. Also if you like to know the playing style of the people who play the same games as you? Then use Scryer to get detailed information from nearby players.

You can also chat to organize and host a game or join an already going campaign in your area and make new friends. Our player finder app is amazing for finding either your next in-person game or online groups for tabletop gaming.

Why Scryer so Special?

  • Makes it easy to find nearby group of players for your favorite tabletop game
  • In-built chat makes it easy to arrange meet-ups and sessions
  • Has detailed profiles to get info about playing styles
  • It is designed for both players & GMs
  • Easy way to create local tabletop group
  • So simple & intuitive chat

Finally now it’s time to take your tabletop gaming to a new level. Also get Scryer and always have people nearby who play the same tabletop rpg games as you.


Scryer: Find Players for Tabletop Games developed by Crimson Owl Apps is quality release and one of the best apps released so far this year. This is a splendid app that will appeal to anyone who is looking for a change.


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