Roundme for iOS – A New Travel App With A Twist

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :User Interface and lovely screens
Negatives :none

Smartphones have revolutionized the lives of people in every possible manner and domain – be that education, entertainment, lifestyle, health, and travel. Speaking of travel, these uber-cool phones and their multitude of apps have made the world a less daunting and more accessible place for even the most hesitant travellers. Anbd as far as seasoned wanderers are concerned, they are having the time of their lives. Roundme is one of these travel-centric apps that intend to add their unique flavor to the already saturated pool of travel apps, albeit with a photographic twist. If you are fond of traveling and exploring the planet’s geography, Roundme’s delivery and execution is definitely worth a look.


Format and Features

Roundme revolves around its users and their images, segmented into “spaces.” These are panoramic images that let users get a more expansive view of the place, by just moving their phones in the required direction. There are featured spaces for new members to see, which house professional-quality images and render 360-degree viewing angles. Users can also create their own spaces by uploading the images captured on their phone’s inbuilt camera.


Some spaces are presented in a sequence. For instance, if a particular space comprises pictures of a specific room in a house, the adjoining spaces will lead the viewer to the bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in the house, thereby offering a more holistic visual experience.

Like most social networking platforms, Roundme also has the “comment” and “like” features to keep things more interactive and motivating.

The app allows merging pictures, videos, and text files to document work life, travel escapades, personal hankerings, and appending location information so that others within the community would get a second-hand perspective of the place before visiting it in person.



Roundme caters to a wide variety of audience and people from different walks of life will relate to this software application – architects, interior decorators, restaurateurs, property dealers, etc. For example, if a real estate agent wants to present a property virtually, doing it so with the Roundme app will ensure a more immersive experience for his/her clients.


At the moment, since the app is relatively new and in its nascent stages, it’s not sure how the app will cater to larger audience groups. So, awarding the application the “best travel app for iOS” will be premature and come across more as a marketing stunt.

Moreover, the app has some huge competition to put up with. Modern-day smartphones are constantly progressing in their image-capturing capabilities and so are the software applications that help enhance the pictures. While the Roundme app has its novelty factor, it’s still not clear how the masses or the larger audience will embrace the concept.


Panoramic images are not new. They have been there for ages and every smartphone OEM is continuously striving hard to improve their phone’s panoramic image-taking capabilities. However, the aspect of panoramic images and their application haven’t been delved much into in the past. Roundme is treading a relatively unknown path and it, therefore, has the innards to make it huge if the market seconds its idea.

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