Coding for kids is the number of chances available for kids to engage in coding. These open doors expect to be fun and gamified to keep the youthful brain locked in. A long time back when the entirety of this children and code babble began, you could have described it has publicity in light of the fact that the entire thought was new and novel to the instruction framework. Also, while this “figure out how to code” prominence spike wasn’t unwarranted using any and all means, time was actually the main thing that could let us know whether everything would have been a gigantic tiny blip on the radar. In the event that you have a hot expertise that a significant number of your companions need, for example, the capacity to code you in a split second show up more attractive according to potential school confirmations officials and bosses.

Developed by:

RoGo Coder’ was designed and offered by QiiQ Communications.

How the app works:

Download and launch ‘RoGo Coder’ app on your device. The app has a variety of interactive coding games that teaches children the basics of computer coding language.  RoGo Coder app is an easy way to learn coding in a fun manner. With various levels of fun and interactive levels, functions, loops and more, this app intrigues the students to work programs to save the professor who was kidnapped. RoGo needs to program codes, find the professor and stop whoever is behind all these.

Features of the app:

RoGo Coder’ has many exciting features of which some are listed here.

  • Simple and highly useful for students and children
  • Fun to learn app
  • Suitable for all age groups to learn coding in a fun way

Compatible with:

The app works on all Android devices.

available for $0.99

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