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Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Positivies :Rippler is a social app that lets you ask any question and get answers from your contacts. It makes it easier for you to find the answer to a question or solve a problem
Negatives :

I’ve been using Rippler for a few weeks now and it’s been so helpful. I’m not much of a tech person, but the interface is so easy to use and it’s helped me find answers to my questions that I never would have found on Google. Plus, the customer service team is always available to help when I don’t know how to do something or if something goes wrong.

Rippler is a Q&A app that allows users to ask questions and get answers from their contacts.

Rippler is a social app that lets you ask any question and get answers from your contacts. It makes it easier for you to find the answer to a question or solve a problem, without having to go through hours of research. It also provides a platform for you to express your opinion on topics of interest and discuss them with other people. You can also answer questions if you have the expertise to do so.

All this can be done in the comfort of your phone, as Rippler is available on any platforms

A place where you and your contacts can exchange ideas and information!

Ask and Answer your Contacts.
– No spam
– No banners
– No strangers

Ask Answer and Assure the simplest and fastest way possible!!!! Rippler is a private social platform to share questions with your Rippler contacts and get the answers from those you know and trust.

Create a Question:
You can create a question by tapping the blue circular icon. Ask your contacts questions openly or anonymously. Set time expiry to your questions depending on urgency.

The ASK icon shows questions you have asked your contacts. Your questions will be displayed in time urgency descending order. When you get an answer, you can chat and attach more details.

The Answer icon shows questions created by your contacts. You can answer openly or anonymously, as well as chat and attach for more details.

Main Features:
– Ask anything you want, and get answers within the time desired.
– Get answers from sources you trust.
– No spam, no ads, no banners, and no strangers.
– Rippler will work between users who are mutually saved as contacts.
– The Simplest and easiest App to use.
– A place to ask questions without wasting time.
– To conserve the authenticity of the information, Rippler will only work between Rippler users.
– Add a photo/video/audio or location during a chat
– Set the expiry time of your question
– Worried about privacy? Ask/Answer Anonymously!
– Add your profile photo
– Option of blocking or reporting users

Take Away

Rippler is a handy app that helps me find the answer to any question I have. It’s been especially helpful when I’m trying to find an answer quickly and don’t want to spend hours on Google.


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