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Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Developer : Edelweiss
Positivies :latest, updated, simple
Negatives :none

This mobile trader app is one of the most prominent apps in India’s mobile trading industry. It features great capabilities as well as functions that make it interactive and convenient for most traders. This app is currently rated at 4.4 out of the possible 5 rating and has hundreds of user comments who are positive about the application. As a result, therefore, this app has gained wide acceptance among Indians to whom it currently considers its market base. The purpose of this article, therefore, is to provide a comprehensive review of this mobile trading app alongside its key features, benefits to the user as well as pros and cons.

It is worth understanding that this review is based on personal experience with the mobile application in question. To start with, I will not hesitate to state that this mobile application is quite easy and simple to use.

This Edelweiss Mobile Trader app provides numerous trading options for its users as traders can choose to place trades on BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX across Currency, F&O, Equities, Mutual Funds and commodities while using this app. Therefore, as a trader, you don’t feel limited with trade choices. Aside from this magnificent feature, this app also to live streams data and you can always get updates on the trade movements. The advanced charting function provides technical indicators that make assist the trader to analyse and predict trades. Live news on the app is faster than TV and the market section is extremely comprehensive and insightful. It also provides research calls to invest or trade in. These include short term, medium term and long term calls available for free to all users without logging in.

Moreover, this app can operate even in low internet coverage zones such as areas with 2G. Therefore, you need not worry if you access the services of this great app due to your low internet coverage. Additionally, you can be able to track several trades simultaneously using this great mobile trader app. Furthermore, this app offers great security for your trading accounts as it comes 2-authentication system that requires you to identify yourself two times before gaining access to the platform. Due to many unethical hackers on the internet today, it is highly necessary that traders use brokers that offer high security to their accounts and that is exactly what this app is all about.

The Edelweiss Mobile Trader App comes with an interactive user interface that is both simple and convenient to use when trading on the platform. With its tap/swipe control features, you can easily track all trades within a very short time. The tap/swipe is an interactive feature that makes the app simpler and easier to operate especially when tracking trades.


  • A trader can easily track their trade performance using the app
  • Features interactive functions such as the tap/swipe function
  • Offers numerous trade options such as Currency, F&O, Mutual Funds, Equities, Bonds etc.
  • Advanced Charting with 17+ technical indicators
  • Comprehensive and insightful market section
  • Screener feature for quick trade opportunity exploration
  • Live news faster than TV
  • The 2-authentication system ensures high security to users’ accounts making it one of the most secure mobile trader apps available in India
  • Is capable of operating in low network coverage areas.
  • Offers faster and safe funds transfer from your bank to the app as well as from the app to the bank.
  • Has an event calendar that helps you track future results and make an informed prediction.


  • Not available for windows and blackberry phones
  • Sometimes slow to update trade symbols

In conclusion, therefore, Edelweiss developed a state of the art-mobile trader app that is gaining acceptance rapidly across the Indian nation. If you are a trader but have not installed this great app, I will recommend that you do so as soon as possible because many online traders are making huge returns while you still aren’t.

Download this mobile trading app here.

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