Red Faction: Battlegrounds demo

by | Jun 28, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : Action | Racing
Platform : XBox 360
Developer : THQ
Positivies :; destruction!
Negatives :; won't convince too many players!

Today, we will try to estimate the value of a rather promising title that is distributed upon Xbox live arcade (800 MP)… This will be done with a special message, as Red Faction franchise owns a particular place in my gamers heart… Since that, every product that resembles my beloved series, brings my attention in no time! Is this true in the context of Red Faction: Battlegrounds? Let’s find out!

Game bases on the franchise, in the way that Battlegrounds is set in the Red Faction universe… This means a great degree of resemblance in game-play that will take place in the game…We will certainly observe realistic vehicles and weaponry that closely remind Red Faction product! But there is one definitely notable change in the genre department: this time we get combat-racing that makes use of futuristic cars/vehicles!
Speaking of vehicles, (for example ATV Miner) these are controlled by left stick of the game-pad, while aiming is mapped under the right! This is not as bad as it seems, and after a while we will get used to this setup… Now, once the controls are done, we can get to the most important element in Red Faction: Battlegrounds, which is obviously – game-play… Battlegrounds put very short: involves vehicular battles with the use of weaponry…

Unfortunately, in case of demo, we won’t get much from Battlegrounds. Demo does allow only for a training mode (the Xbox live multi-player is locked)… Yes, we can’t really try out the most important feature in the game… The only way to overcome this problem is a “local” multi-player feature, that is included, but this means… exactly nothing! When speaking of design and visuals, game fortunately achieves in recreating sentimental Faction’s climate with design of vehicles and “arenas”…

There is only one thing, in the Red Faction: Battlegrounds that is really worth mentioning: destruction! While all other game-play elements don’t shine, this one alone was implemented in a very nice way! When speaking of the final verdict, Red Faction: Battlegrounds even thought it is in possession of some positive sides, it doesn’t do that much to convince real gamers to buy it.. Although the price of the game isn’t overwhelming, keep in mind that you enter “Battlegrounds” at your own risk!

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