Many innovative games have come into the market in the recent times. Real Mosquitoes is a beautifully developed game that guarantees to develop your concentration skills. Real Mosquitoes is a thrilling bug smash game that is suitable for people of all age groups. Even little children and toddlers can play the game. It also gives one relaxation and acts as a great stress buster.

How the app works:

Download and install ‘Real Mosquitoes’ app on your smart phone or other compatible devices. Now open the app on your device and tap on play option. You will now see a number of mosquitoes flying about in the screen of your device. Move your finger towards these insects and tap on the mosquitoes to kill them. Try and kill as many mosquitoes as you can. Do not miss any of the mosquitoes or you will lose a lifeline. The game also allows you to kill more insects by using the extra electric effect that comes along. As the game progresses you will find many power-ups that come along which will make it easier for you to play. You get a combo gauge when you kill mosquitoes in a row and when the gauge is full you get to have a special item. Touch this item to kill the insects. There is also another option where when you kill two mosquitoes at once, an electric field will come out and any mosquitoes that reach that will die automatically.

Features of the app:

There are many cool features of the app. Some are as listed here.

  • The app is fun to play
  • You can play it at anytime and at any place
  • It improves concentration power in players
  • A nice game which you can give to toddlers also

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