Quick Responding for all your needs from HelpQR

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Genre :
Platform : Android
Developer : Lieber Verwalter
Positivies :UI, simple, easy to go
Negatives :none

Quick Response code AKA QR code, Which was introduced to this world in 1994 by Denso wave company in japan, initially was used to manage the distribution of vehicles in the motor industry, and later it was developed for wide usage almost in all departments of business in the world. Optical scanners to reading QR codes are now replaced by sensors and applications in Smartphones. If you want to know what’s in the QR all you need is the best application on your smartphone.

I used to notice that most of the advertisements and information about products were shared with people through QR codes, even they started to store images in QR codes. When I surfed online, I was informed by my colleague that HelpQR scanner app and also was suggested to try. Then I installed this app and excited to do a scan and browse rapidly.

HelpQR- Scan &Browse from Lieber Verwalter, A very beneficial tool for your smartphone and it provides results in just a fraction of a second after scanning. A great deal of time was saved because of this app. I want to be grateful to this app because as it helps me to buy anything from anywhere, all I need to do is just scan. Help QR automatically utilize the function of the camera and drive us to webpages using the browser.

Key features of the app are, it can save our scan history, it helps us to engage with previous web links that we look at. If you don’t want to save the history you can choose to delete the tabs. Obviously, sometime we need to delete all the traces of our history, LOL.. HelpQR app was designed with German and English language and its attractive interface makes this one of the stylish apps in your menu bar.

This app can scan various versions of QR code and after you scanned any URL, instantly you can share the URL in your social networks by copying the URL on your clipboard and click to share. The two main reasons that can show this app is a highly effective tool for your phone is it doesn’t take any extra space more than 2.7MB in your mobile and the next mindblowing feature as it helps to scan and connect with wifi networks using QR code.

QR codes are used to promote the business to the next level by advertising their products and offers through QR codes, it boosts their profit rate rapidly. Now most of the companies following this procedure for advertising, even bitcoins are transformed into QR codes for the transaction. So this makes HelpQR is essential for your daily life. you can feel the neat and simple UI which makes your work so simple and you can go your net destination in a single click.

Lieber Verwalter released this app for Android users and an iOS version of this app will be released soon, You need to have Android 4.1 or later versions to install this app. Feel free to ask doubts regarding the functioning of HelpQR, customer service team was available to connect with you at this URL jens@schwoon.de.   Hold and Go !

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