PrintJinni : App to Make Your Printing Work Easy

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Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Positivies :intuitive UI; instant copy features; wide no. of formats and printers supported
Negatives :multiple prints of different pages can be a time taking process to follow

It was probably our first day in the college and the teacher asked us very sincerely if we have a printer or not. No one raised the hand and the teacher laughed silently and said that it’s our best friend for the next 4 years. We didn’t realize it then but now I can mark out all the instances from the flashback where I needed that machine. In fact, once I had my job interview and I went for the printout of my resume. But the pen drive didn’t work. Hopefully, I had the document in my mail drafts and took the printout (however I still didn’t have the job). So I thought of an idea to change the current conditions. I couldn’t make it out but thankfully another guy from another part of the globe managed. So, I’m desperate to see his work. Are you?

I am talking about a new Android app that has been recently released. The app has been developed by Thinxtream Technologies and is compatible with all devices running Android 2.1 or later version of the OS. Now, if you go by the answer of the above question, you’d think of it to be a printer but it’s not. The app actually converts your phone into a direct source of images and documents to the printer. No more do you want any intermediate computer to plug your USB device in. Connect the phone directly to printer and order your prints.


The app provides ample choices when it comes to the format of the documents. You can use JPEG, Microsoft Word, PDF, email attachments, images from Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, etc. Moreover, there is a “Paste Board” where you can copy just any content from the web pages and paste. This way you can print just anything you want. Now coming to the output side, the app supports a wide variety of printers including Epson, HP, Samsung, Dell, Lexmark, Xerox, etc.

Other than this, there are separate PrintJinni Services available as well. It is supported by both Google Cloud and PrintJinni Cloud. It is to be noted that most of the features discussed above are available only under PrintJinni Services which are available on a subscription fee. The subscription plans vary from $0.99/30 days to $3.99/year which is not a bad deal at all. Adding more to it, the developers are offering a 90 day trial for free and that too with unlimited prints. This is just amazing and you can’t deny the truth.

The app offers a very simple UI which marks a further increase in the utility of the app. You can easily set the entire format of the page from the size to the no. of copies. Also you can see a preview of the print which is a nice and a must feature to be added. But the app is good for a single print or the same print with more no. of copies because when it comes multiple different pages, I think it’s a time taking process with PrintJinni and I’d prefer the traditional process to follow.

The app is available for free in the amazon store  and with the free trial version available, I’d say that you should obviously check this one out.

Pros: intuitive UI; instant copy features; wide no. of formats and printers supported; free trial available; free.

Cons: multiple prints of different pages can be a time taking process to follow.

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