When it comes to sports, designing an app with perfection is quite a tough job. Developing an app with smooth controls and appealing graphics that make the game lively is a very challenging task. However, Pepper Potts, the leading multiplayer game development company, has come up with a new gaming app for all billiard enthusiasts that is just perfect: Pool King. Pool King is an awesomely crafted app that tests your skills in 8 ball pool, a variant of billiards.

You can download Pool King and register using your Facebook or mobile number, or you can choose to play as a guest. The rules of the game are simple: You have to pocket all your balls (solids or stripes) and then finally the black ball to win. Make sure you do not pocket the black ball before you have pocketed all your balls, otherwise you will lose the game. Also, do not pocket the cue ball (white ball) as that’s a foul, which gives the opponent a chance to place the cue ball anywhere on the table, thereby increasing their chances of pocketing their balls.

The Pool King table appears very real, thanks to the appealing graphics and neat design. The app gives you the most realistic and thrilling experience of playing 8 ball pool. The cue ball is to be hit with the cue stick on the left of the game screen. The game uses advanced physics for aiming at the balls and gives you the feel of playing on a physical table.

Additional notable features of the app

  • Free 10,000 chips provided initially to play the game.
  • You can earn chips by referring people on your contact list as well as Facebook friends.
  • Options to challenge your friends as well as opponents from across the globe.
  • An opportunity to get a place on the Leaderboard, which includes all daily, weekly and monthly winners.

The app is available for all Android devices and suits both young and old people alike. You need not worry about gambling or any activities of such sort as the game is designed purely for entertainment. The app works seamlessly on both 2G and 3G mobile networks. It is rated 4+ and has a very secure system that is completely foolproof. If you are a lover of pool games, then Pool King will be your favorite game to play online.

Worth Having app – Download the App