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Genre :
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Fourdesire
Positivies :UI, graphics
Negatives :none

We don’t drink enough water. We drink only when we already feel thirsty because we take water for granted. Around 70% of our body is composed of water, and our health is closely related to the amount of water we drink and our hydration level. People don’t know about the benefits of water and how much it’s essential for our body. They are suffering from a lot of illness and all of them have one solution, i.e. keeping hydrated.

We do drink water every day, however, we don’t track how many liters we had and what we need according to our health or activity condition. Do we get the right amount of water? Fortunately, there is an app for that. Plant Nanny has been developed by Fourdesire under the Health and fitness category.

The main objective of this app is to help you cultivate good drinking habits. Staying hydrated would save people from high blood pressure, constipation, creaking joints, knackered kidneys, unsightly faces, stomach problems, and all the other ills by having a proper amount of water.

Plant Nanny is an amazing app with a unique design. Just like you give water to the plants, you need to give water to your body in the same way. In Plant Nanny, each glass of water you drink grows the cute plants so that you both can thrive. The app harnesses your botanical impulses to help you drink more water.

With Plant Nanny, you can unlock and collect a variety of different plants, and even interact with mysterious new creatures. The app gives access to HealthKit and syncs water hydration data to Apple Health. You can set a daily schedule so that you can collect, grow plants and take care of cute plants to get hydrated together. There are a lot of features such as:

  • You can customize the way you manage your water consumption goals.

  • The app gives suggestions for appropriate amounts based on individual body data and exercise habits.

  • It gives you automated reminders when to drink water.

  • You can easily set the appropriate units for each glass in either milliliters or ounces.

  • You will get rewards for regular use and get motivated.

Overall, Plant Nanny is a great app for those who drink less water. The app has a user-friendly interface. It displays and tracks your water intake by simple graphics, charts, and interfaces. You can track your water consumption history and quickly view daily, weekly, and monthly trends. There are a variety of adorable and lively plants with all types of special pots in the app, so you can develop your own cute plant family.

Plant Nanny’s little plants will boost your spirits, improve your health, and help you cultivate good habits for drinking water. Take care of yourself because it’s equally important for a healthier body as well as a happy and stress-free life. The app is available on the iTunes Store. Get the app now.

Pros: FREE to install; user-friendly interface; easily reminds about water intake; keeps you hydrated; relieves stress; keeps you happy; an advanced subscription plan for a 7-day free trial.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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