PersonalityMatch – iPhone App Review

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
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Positivies :UI, simple
Negatives :none

A personality match helps in knowing how well you relate to others, the places where you can work and produce great results. Use of technology does it. The test works well when it involves different locations and people. In this way, you get to know the possible results of working with some people and in a particular place. Helps in finding ways to resolve disputes that may arise after interaction with people. Personality match test has some features that you should consider before using. These are:

Sophisticated personality quiz

These quizzes design is by both psychologists and web developers. The primary purpose is to make you know and understand yourself. After the process of comprehension, you can understand the life stages, behavior and traits that make you, who you are. The quizzes can be pictorial or words. Most prefer pictorial for you are not stressed and fatigued thus the results are accurate.

Discover your persona out of the 16 types

There are different types of personalities. The personality match test helps you know which type of character best describes you. It will help you understand why you perform duties in certain ways and what leads you to the chosen way of carrying out your tasks.


Match your personality with friends

Two/multiple parties take the test. These give room for comparison. The personality test help to understand your traits and those of your buddies. You will be able to compare your behavior and those of your friends. It will assist in knowing the activities that might lead to disputes with friends, and if disputes arise, the resolution process becomes easy.

Learn your friend’s personality type

As various traits are different to each person, the test helps you learn your friend’s character. The difference of your character will be known hence able to maintain the relationship.

Compatibility score

The match will be able to calculate the percentage of how well you are compatible. The scores will show you the friends who score high and low.

Helps in resolving disputes 

After understanding and knowing your personality trait and those of your buddies, you are in a better position to know circumstances that may lead to conflicts. You will know the procedures to follow, find solutions and settle them fast.

Personalized advice on how to improve relationships

The test helps you understand your friends and loved ones completely. You will know how to relate to each person without creating misunderstandings. You know what to do and expect from those you live close to hence able to improve relationships.



· It is a great way of identifying the best career.

· Identify talents and strengths of individuals.

· Help business run smoothly for you hire according to expertise.

· Helps you decide on the best path to follow in life and avoid frustrations.


The personality match test is not reliable in that,

· It is only some percentage accurate.

· Still, the person taking the test may give false answers resulting to the wrong outcome.

· Some disputes arise from the personality match test hence termed as illegal by many governments.


Personality match test is a designed technology only to help you understand yourself. It should not dictate the way of your life. Take the tips that are helpful in life and use your insight to live a fruitful life.

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