Pay Watch – Keeping a Watch on your Income

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Mobilation PTY LTD
Positivies :The app offers several different rates for different types of jobs
Negatives :The tutorial is not very clear

PayWatch from Mobilation PTY LTD is a popular app offering a great means of tracking the shifts in different jobs. You can use the app for computing your earnings efficiently. It is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Many people work flexible shifts and are paid in hourly rates. They might even be having several employers and find it difficult to calculate their income, daily, weekly or monthly. This can be systematically done by the use of PayWatch and you can even save time by working in a more organized manner.


  • There are three tabs that are described as the jobs at which you are working. The jobs are provided with a regular hourly rate, along with a weekend rate, a rate for overtime. Other rate options provided are for a public day and rates for annual leave and so on.
  • There is a feature for creating shifts by tapping the shift button. In this menu, it is possible to create y own shifts by the use of the + icon.
  • You can select from several symbols and names for the various shifts, so that it is easy to differentiate one shift from another.
  • You can also enter the type of work, such as overtime or normal and then choose the starting of the shift and end of the shift along with the lunch break.
  • Once the shift is created, you can use the calendar button to assign the shifts into the regular monthly schedule.
  • There is an edit button on the right top corner from where you can select your shift icon. It is also possible to then select the days to which you want to assign the shift just by tapping on the icon.
  • A list view is also available for the various shifts for easy monitoring.
  • You can view all shifts assigned for a specific day and know the amount you will be earning from them.
  • Select the income option to view the weekly as well as monthly income.

The Good

The app offers several different rates for different types of jobs. There are also up to three jobs available for managing. You can customize the payment structure by assigning different rates for different weeks and can create innumerable allowances for the jobs.

The Bad

The tutorial is not very clear. While assigning a shift, the app fails to provide any information regarding the name of the shift, offering just an edit button for shift assignment.  In addition, it has only a $ symbol for currency. More customization would be possible if there were other currency symbols as well.


PayWatch is a great app from Mobilation PTY LTD to monitor your job shifts. You can make use of the app for calculating your earnings. Once you have set it up, the application works smoothly making shift management very easy. It is a unique iTunes app that helps calculation and tracking of your pay. The app does the calculation automatically and is capable of calculating from three different sources at a time.

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