Pandamino: A Challenging and Colorful

by | Feb 18, 2018 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : exovoid sarl
Positivies :fun, simple, colors
Negatives :none

Pandamino is a new puzzle game for iOS systems that is a twist on the traditional match-three style games that we often see for smartphones. While the concept is still similar, Pandamino uses colorful dominos, which makes the game not only much more fun, but more challenging and engaging as well. There are over 200 levels, so there are always new challenges to face. There are also many mini-puzzles within the levels that add even more depth to the game. As you go through the levels, you’ll acquire ‘stratagems’ or powerups that will help you eliminate the dominoes more effectively and earn even higher scores.


The concept of the game is that you are a panda who is on an epic journey around the world. You are competing against the cunning fox in an effort to track down an entire collection of valuable ancient dominoes before he does. You’ll move around the world as the levels and storyline progress. To collect dominoes, you must match them with others of the same color on the playing. To match the dominoes, you can flip and slide them around the board. You’ll need to match the dominoes that are the same color, but you can only match them at the ends, and you can’t change a horizontal domino to vertical and vice versa. There is an easy and helpful tutorial at the beginning of the game that will get you acquainted with the gameplay.


Pros of Pandamino:


– Pandamino is a fun and engaging puzzle game that is different from other puzzle games in the app store. The domino aspect of the game makes it unique, and because the gameplay moves fast, it is very addictive and keeps you moving from level to level.

– The graphics in this game are well-designed and appealing, with lots of bright colors. The panda and fox characters are very cute and their dialogue is humorous without being too long or getting in the way of the gameplay.

– If you are struggling, there are helpful hints throughout the game to get you back on track. The tutorial at the beginning of the game is easy to follow as well.

– There aren’t any ads in this game, which is a nice change from many other puzzle games on the market. Without the distraction of ads, it’s easy to stay focused on the game. It is free to download, although there are some in-app purchases as the game progresses.

– Pandamino can be played offline, which makes it ideal for travel. You can still play this game without wifi or using any data.


Cons of Pandamino:

– As with many puzzle games, if you run out of lives while playing Pandamino, you will have to wait for your lives to reload before trying the level again.

– This game is more challenging than your average match-three puzzle, so it may be too challenging for young kids or those who struggle with visual puzzles.


Overall, this game is a great download for anyone who loves puzzle games. The unique characters and concept truly make it stand out from other apps.


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