Outer Space Invasion: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack Game Review

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Genre : Casual
Platform :
Positivies :Space Shooter and Galaxy Attack Game
Negatives :None

Maybe people were wrong. Those mobile based games are after all beneficial to the brain. The truth is that they would make our brain act more youthful. With complex, challenging, and intriguing games have come a long way since the snake game and to the present hand and eye coordination games. It is researched that mobile games help people with dyslexia overcome their challenges. Many such games have actual historical stories associated with them which pique the interest of their players. While some games promote a whole new level of interaction, even those games that require a simple interaction with a hand held device also boost physical activities. Space invading games are a whole new level of fun for the players, with their unique sense of virtual reality mingled with the game.

‘Outer Space Invasion: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack’ is a mobile based outer space game.

Developed by:

Outer Space Invasion: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack’ was created and developed by Erik Andre Thursam as a Casual game.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Outer Space Invasion: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack’ on your device. Start playing the game. Defend the planets from an alien invasion and other many dangers like meteors and robots. There are many different levels and regions where you will play to defend the planets. Collect the power-ups as they come along the battles and improve your avatar. Defend the whole universe from the aliens who want to destroy the galaxy. Enjoy using strong power-ups as you progress through this game.

Features of the game:

Outer Space Invasion: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack’ has many exciting features of which some are listed here.

  • Exciting and non stop
  • Interesting and challenging game play

Compatible with:

Outer Space Invasion: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack’ works with Android.

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