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Platform : Android
Developer : Vanguard Info Tech
Positivies :UI, graphics
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Are you searching for some restaurants around you? There are millions of restaurants in this whole world. Some restaurants are famous that people don’t even think twice to dine there. They always order food from them online, dine in or take out. They are named as their favorite restaurants whether they organize a party, an event or a meeting. They only prefer to go to their favorite restaurants with the best ratings and food grades. But, you should not only stick to a single restaurant and give a chance to the other restaurants too. I understand that you might get problems while going from one dining curve to another, so we have got an app for you. To solve your problem of finding a good restaurant with the best cuisines, No dining curves have been launched! You will get everything on your own palms and easily decide at which restaurant you want to dine in!

Yes, no dining curves is an app which provides you all the information about the restaurants near your preferred location. Moreover, the list provides those restaurants which have the top ratings, customer grades, inspection grades, and the restaurant menus. There is no need of downloading the menus of restaurants in a pdf file. You can go through the app and discover the restaurants and their menus. It provides the most amazing, delicious and safest dining experience. The restaurants listed on the app have a great ambience, A grade food quality, a variety of cuisines- Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, etc. and everything else that you find in a good restaurant.

Once you get the app, you can find the restaurants instantly and go for dinner. The list provides everything in it such as: favorite restaurants, recommended, A-rated restaurants, Location, and Cuisines available. The information provided in the app means a lot for its users and it makes their search hassle-free. The app is available for free on the Google App Store for all the latest Android devices, but, unfortunately it’s not available in your country. It’s available in some of the cities such as: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle. You can also get the app on Amazon and Samsung Stores, social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

The app helps you find everything you’re looking for a restaurant without visiting them. You can find the restaurants with the best food, beverages, etc. You can consult the app and choose a restaurant you want to dine in! It gives you the exact map and the address of the restaurants and everything else needed. These restaurants are hygienic, safe and the best with good customer ratings.

Overall, the app is just awesome for those who are foodies and are looking for different options in their cities. It has a simple and easy to use interface with so many options and list of restaurants available.

So let’s dine in! Start using No dining curves now!

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