NBA General Manager 2016 New Season: Be the Best one

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Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : The Bench SL
Positivies :UI, screens, team buliding
Negatives :none

NBA general is a free, exciting and the most addictive game for your iPhone. Lead teams such as Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder and any other NBA team. Build a dream team with all your favorite and the all-time players. Get the teams ready for a game and enjoy. The app is very compatible with all iPhones.

Enjoy the incredible and amazing experience of one of the finest shows in the sports world. The app allows you to sign your favorite players to form a team, train them, improve their skills and to create an unstoppable team.


Features of the NBA General.

1.Equipment and boosters.

Strengthen the team with Virtual Boosters. Enhance skills such as the three-point shooting or Defensive rebounding. The more boosters a user gets, the more the success in the courts.

2.Sign the best players in the NBA.

Have a chance to sign guards, forwards and centers of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, New York Nicks and other franchises. Get the selected player ready for the game, increase their levels and even improve their skills. Put the team in the court from the first moment. Working hard at doing this will get you an unbeatable team!


3. Realistic game.

This feature makes the game be the most realistic. Your players overall performance in the NBA general app solely depends on their real life performance in the NBA games. Build your personal 5 Man Unit by staying turned to what happens in the games in real life.

4. Power-ups and enhancement.

The app features Virtual Power-ups to strengthen your chosen team. The more the power-ups you have, the better the chances of winning. Be the authentic general manager of your team by downloading the NBA general.


5. Simulated matchups.

Play simulated matchups against the other users after you have selected a team.

6. Personal assistant.

Access an assistant via the app’s home screen. The feature will help you figure out how to use the app, about selecting teams and how to perfect on your skills. It is very convenient for the beginners.

7. Free agents
The app also gives the user the ability to bid on the free agents and even to accumulate coins for the purchase of the big name players. The NBA general lends towards a well-balanced team. Make smart moves to fill your roster.

Pros of the app.

-Allows you to create and lead your best or favorite teams.

-Allows the user to sign up the players, improve their skills, challenge and face the opponents.

-It is free and very compatible with your iPhone.

-It gives the users a chance to manage a team in virtual reality and make them win against their opponents.


The app is compatible with the iPhone and iPads.

NBA general app is a one of a kind. Be the general manager of one of your favorite teams. The team you make is your franchise. Get players, improve their skills, challenge them, and get ready for a league anytime. Watch your team defeat all your opponents. Head one of your favorite teams in the NBA and create the best dream Foster of your own. Be the best general manager for your NBA team.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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