Mystery of the Escape – The Dark Fence

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Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : HFG Entertainments
Positivies :The game is free, but some items can be purchased with real money. It would be best if you solve challenging puzzles. Interact with various objects, search for things, and use hints.
Negatives :Nothing
Mystery of the Escape – The Dark Fence is an adventure escape game in which you must progress through 30 challenging levels, complete all tasks, and escape from a locked room. If you enjoy quests and are confident in your abilities, you will enjoy this game. You will be immersed in the mystical and fantastical world of Halloween. Set out on an unforgettable journey to the Dark Fence and attempt to flee the castle. Demonstrate that you are the best player by solving all the puzzles and completing even the most difficult levels. But be careful because, along the way, you will encounter terrifying dark shadows, terrifying pumpkins with transparent illumination, and various other things. You must overcome your fears and progress through levels in which you must search for different objects and solve puzzles. Every one of the 30 levels has its own distinct atmosphere and history. Fascinating adventures await you in secret rooms. Put your brain to the test and use your skills to find the keys and unlock the room. The game is free, but some items can be purchased with real money. It would be best if you solve challenging puzzles. Interact with various objects, search for things, and use hints. Story The game’s story is very intriguing and exciting, and it takes place in a hellish world where many souls fly. Casper is the main character. He travels through various dimensions in search of his father’s soul. Assist the main character in saving his family. The game’s plot revolves around a Hell world where the primary hierarchy is determined by the number of souls captured by each guardian. The rule is that no living person’s soul should be taken away. Brongodo is a low-level guardian who uses dark-world magic taught to him by the dark-world prince to capture the souls of living beings. He can capture souls with his charm, leaving only a sliver of life behind. This will conceal his actions from his superiors. Brongodo actively captures the Chief of Heiligen Heofon, the soul of Rhiannon, on his evil journey. His son Casper meets the Magic Realm’s witch mother while searching for his father’s soul. Rhiannon had previously rescued the witch’s mother from the supreme race. In return, the witch’s mother uses witchcraft to transport Casper to other worlds of various dimensions to find his father’s soul. If you enjoy mysterious adventure games with a point and click interfaces, you’ve come to the right place. Features:                                                               
  • Escape the room challenge and traverse a different panic room.
  • Thirty different exit doors to choose from.
  • Gameplays that are appealing.
  • Incredible Animations in 2D Graphics.
  • Challenge yourself with unique puzzles in various locations.
  • More than 100 unique puzzles.
  • Discover hidden objects and earn rewards.
  • High performance with low memory usage.
Download Escape Mystery The Dark Fence to begin your fantastic journey. Final Take The game is a tremendously enjoyable experience. Anyone who enjoys a unique game plan style will undoubtedly want what they encounter in Mystery of the Escape – The Dark Fence developed by HFG Entertainments. appstore-icon-300x89

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