Mypostcard App My Choice – Review

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :Traditional, UI, easy to use, unique
Negatives :none

Even though the world is currently termed as a global village, the value of real experience can never be under estimated, more so with the new Mypostcard app for Smartphones and Tablets. No matter how far apart people might be from their friends or loved ones, Mypostcard app ensures that they always remain in touch all the time.

How Does Mypostcard app Works?

First of all before purchasing this noble app, you need to have a valid PayPal account or a credit card such as MasterCard, Visa or Amex which you will use to pay for the various services.

Real Printed Paper Postcards – To design and send a real printed paper postcard, all you need to do is to choose your best postcard style and then upload photo(s). Remember that the photos could be uploaded from camera, photo album or even a social media platforms such as Instagram.

Now you can select and customize your chosen frame then enter the greeting text and recipient before you can pay and send. This costs a minimum of $2.29 but with a free worldwide shipping regardless of destination.

Templates with or without personal photos – This is a very simple task with Mypostcard app. Pick your most desirable template and then select your photo(s) if you need to include a photo or go straight to text entry if no photo is to be included. You can then pay and send. These templates also cost a minimum of $2.29 with free shipping worldwide.

Real Greeting Cards – Just as in the case of postcards, a suitable style is chosen then the photos are uploaded from camera, photo album or from Instagram. You can then select your best frame then customize before you may enter the text, pay and send. Sending real greeting cards costs a minimum of $3.99.

Photo Prints – This is one of the most wonderful experience while using the app. Just select the photo print format then upload your personal photos after which you can pay and send to anywhere in the world. This option costs a minimum amount of $10.99 for 15 photos. This is much better than most of the alternative options such as email.

Why Should I go For the Mypostcard App?

There are a million reasons why I feel that this app is one of its own kind. I know it’s really hard to believe but the app will speak for itself once you have purchased and installed. Some of these reasons include;

i. It offers a much appealing mode of communication. Just try to imagine receiving a happy birthday wish or a greeting card in form of a hard copy and with the photos of your loved ones included, this a great fun.

ii. The app is time saving since there is no need of visiting a post office at all. Remember all you need is your smartphone with the Mypostcard app installed and an internet connection then you are ready to go.

iii. With a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of only 12 days for free delivery to anywhere in the world, Mypostcard is cheap and fast.

iv. Another important feature of the app is the fact that one can always customize and redesign greeting and postcards based on what they prefer, no style restrictions at all.

v. It has a wide range of template designs from which one may choose. Additionally, the app also offers you an opportunity of ordering your favorite high quality photographs which you can then use to design your own cards.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Using Mypostcard App?

Nothing can be 100% perfect and so does this app. It has some disadvantages though very few for instance, one must have access to a reliable internet connection, be a holder of either PayPal account or a Credit Card and finally it requires one to have at least a Smartphone or a Tablet. From a personal experience, Mypostcard app offers all the nice experiences you may need.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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