My experience with buying and selling using Verkoop

by | Dec 5, 2019 | 0 comments

Genre :
Platform : Android
Developer : Verkoop
Positivies :UI, Graphics
Negatives :none

I recently came across an app called Verkoop. It was recommended to me by some friends. In the beginning, I refused to believe it would be anything different compared to the other similar existing apps. Well, I was urged to try using it before making a judgment. And so, I downloaded the app and tried it out. Below are my thoughts about using the app. For starters, the app is available for both Android as well as iPhones. The advantage of having the app version rather than the desktop version is that you can use it on the go. Not everyone carries his/her laptop everywhere except for some businessmen.

After you install the app, it prompts you to register or sign in to a profile. You just need to create a profile once and use it to sign in every time. Once you have done that, you can start either selling or buying items. I tried selling some used items that I had at home. After clicking some pictures of the items, I uploaded them to the app. You are expected to describe the item that is being sold and fix a price for it. I was expecting that there may be a response after a couple of days. I was surprised to find some responses within a few hours. They wanted to negotiate the price of the item I was selling. I was able to do it using the chat functionality.

I found that it was overall an easy process to sell the items. I tried buying a couple of items using the app. I tried uploading a picture of an item and found that the app recognized the item and brought up similar items that were on sale. I was able to get a lot of choices for the item I wanted to purchase.

I was able to pay for the items using cash on delivery option. This is great in order to protect the buyers and sellers from any sort of risk. There were also options to pay using card and other e-wallet based options. The customer service team is also great. You can contact them for any complaints or queries. However, if you find that some item is not up to your satisfaction, there is nothing that the team can do. You can only report and block the seller so that he may not sell such items to other people. Overall, I would recommend this app to everyone.

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