Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner App Review

by | Jun 25, 2016 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : MDroid Apps
Positivies :easy to use, quality output, UI
Negatives :none

In the current smart phone era, most phones are prone to �hanging’ which reduces their performance level mostly due to overloading with apps or files and also running several applications at the same time. The android phone reacts to this by either hanging hence slower performance or overheating. The mobile optimizer application available freely on google store has been developed to respond to these challenge facing android users. The application comes with a number of features;


� Memory boost where the application frees up some of the android phone RAM which in return enhances the phones operating speed.

� Browser cleaner as some browsers donot have private tabs. And those that do are not as private hence the application helps clear browser history hence protecting one’s privacy. This includes call- logs, text messages as well as clipboard data.

� Game booster. Android users have over time adopted to downloading games with their devices to keep them busy during their leisure time. Most of the games are played in levels and hence require space to fit in the device. The mobile optimizer and leaner plays this role adequately by freeing up space before launching the game.


� Application manager. We all have several applications on our android devices that we really don’t use hence don’t need. The cleaner application helps us manage this by sorting by backing up necessary application and getting rid of those not in use.

� Clears junk files. These mostly include cache files, which do occupy quite some device space unnecessarily. This tends to boost the devices performance of the device.

Pros associated with the mobile optimizer and cleaner application;

� The mobile optimizer and cleaner application is easy to understand and use hence convenient for most android users in addition to the application being only 2.2 MBs heavy.

� The applications does a superb job by managing a range of tools in one convenient place hence it is quite easy to follow up on the activities undertaken.


� The application on running and identifying unwanted files or applications ideal for deleting, it prompts the command. This gives the android user the liberty to choose what to do with the files. This is very much convenient as one knows perfectly well what they ae about to discard.

� The application has an additional game booster and privacy booster that are not common in substitute application which is quite ideal and timely.

� The power optimization tips gives an android user insight and offers help to manage power without contradicting with the devices settings.

Cons of the mobile optimizer and cleaner application;

� The make-up of the android phone is designed to automatically perform some functions the cleaner does automatically in most cases. This renders some of the mobile optimizer and cleaner tools unnecessary.

� The mobile optimizer and cleaner application runs a number of advertisements which is not as attractive or convenient to anyone.

The application- mobile optimizer and cleaner is worth trying on an android device especially when faced with a backlog of unnecessary folders and files. The application operates systematically and hence a user can follow through the easy to comprehend commands without compromising their important data on the device.

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