Mobile Monitor : The Complete Mobile Tracking App For Smart Phones

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Platform : Android | iPhone / iPad
Developer : Mobile Monitor
Positivies :The app is a complete one with no deficiency as such.
Negatives :The monthly rate is a bit high but it can be made affordable if you purchase a package.


Mobile monitor is all new software for your android and iDevices that would remove the word ‘worry’ from your dictionary. If you are worried about the activities of your kids or want to know what sort of company they are in, then this application is a must have for the mobile. Mobile monitor cell tracker is a complete cell tracking system which does not only track where the phone is but also shows you what are being done with the phone.

The mobile monitor software is useful for parents, employers trying to track the activities of their employees and the sole user who wants to secure his data in case, the phone is lost. You can see the activities done on the device, record calls made, SMSs, and also track the media downloaded on the device. You don’t require access to the mobile to track things. You can just check it from a remote computer with internet connection. The smart phone gives you ample facilities and you store important things. This software safeguards the files against the phone theft and you require paying a nominal monthly rental for the same.


  • The app is compatible with android, iPads and iphone. It requires android 2.1 or later versions.
  • You can track the calls that are made and received from the device using this system.
  • The tracker allows you to see the data stored in the device from the online system of the company. Your data won’t be accessed by anyone else.
  • Downloading the app is quite simple. You can download and install the app on any device that is compatible with the same. The app will then extract data from the device on regular basis. You can then visit the activities from your own online panel without letting the person know.
  • The tracker can be used to view the videos downloaded on the device where the software is installed.
  • You can see the number of SMSs received and made and also view some of them. The premium user can see the contect of all messages, not only its count.
  • You can locate the person using the device at any point of time.
  • You can supervise your employees or locate them if they are on a sales call. This will tell you if they are wasting time or not.
  • You can monitor the emails received on the device. So if your employees are transferring any data to someone else, then you will be able to stop that.
  • Contact list can also be checked using this application.
  • The monthly rental pack may seem to be costly but the yearly pack can save up to 50%.

Summary: The mobile monitor cell phone tracking application is a complete mobile tracking application which does not only make you determine where the other person is located, but also tells you, what he is actually doing at certain point of time. It is a paid app that gives access to the complete data stored in the mobile.

Download for ios Download for Android

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