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Genre :
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Online Future Ltd
Positivies :UI, concept, simple
Negatives :none

Are you a professional model, masseur, belly dancer or a dancer for entertainment? Whatever it is that you do, you might be looking for means to connect with new people or with those who have similar interests as yours. If you have an app that shows you good ways to meet up with new people at good places, it would be so much fun, right? Yes, one such app is Make Easy.

Make Easy is a safer means to connect with people. Whatever you do relevant to the field of entertainment, you can enrol yourself in this app. It allows you to meet new people with common interests. This app helps you to get in touch with new people for work. Later you can take the bonding to the next level by meeting them anytime, anywhere. This unique app is a great way to offer your skills by building your portfolio and displaying the good ratings you have obtained so far.

Make Easy can be used with three simple steps: Just download the app, register as a service provider or a client. Place your photos with all the essential details and that’s all. For example, if you are a professional model, showcase your best looks, in case you are a dancer, post photos of you with some best moves and so on. This way you can gather as many clients as you want. After all this process is over, you can begin to chat with others and meet new people around you.

Make Easy is one simple and safe way for download and use. The app is a careful means to meet or connect with professionals in the same field and to connect at your convenience for a companion. It allows users to create separate groups with individuals in the same field and enables you to chat with them. You also have the privilege to exit the group if you don’t like it.

Make Easy app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices completely free of charge. It works fine with Android 4.0 or later versions and with iOS 11.0 or above. You can follow the team on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to keep yourself updated. In case you have any queries and wish to share your feedback; you can contact them on [email protected].

The app clearly brings like-minded people together and helps build a great business relationship. Make Easy comes with in-app purchases with Make Easy provider access for $0.99 and Make Easy user access for $0.99.

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