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Genre :
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Alexander Budau
Positivies :UI, graphics, fun
Negatives :none

We all know that Mathematics is a very complex subject and everyone is scared of it. It’s very difficult if we don’t understand it and very easy if we love it. Many students fail in maths during school days as well as during college. But still, you can easily find many lovers of this subject. However, we can’t say it’s a subject only, it’s a part of our daily life. Without the basic mathematics, you can’t do the daily tasks and can’t communicate easily with people. You will look like an uneducated person. So it’s better to learn the basic maths and you can start through puzzles if you are a beginner.

Today, we have a new brain exercise for you which is called Lucky Logic. If you have ever played Sudoku, it’s similar to that, but I didn’t say “same” because it’s not then you will easily learn this game. The only common bond that they have is that they are both math puzzles and in both of them, you have to do simple arithmetics by swiping the numbers and get the result.

Lucky Logic has been developed by Alexander Budau and it’s compatible with iOS 10.0 or any later versions of the Operating System. It’s a combination of maths and logic in a fun way only. There are only simple arithmetic calculations such as plus and minus. You will seriously enjoy this game when you swipe the numbers and get the correct result. It will help to train your brain when you are bored from your usual routine and will keep you engaged.

It contains numbers from 1 to 9 and the result cannot be less than 0 or more than 9. If you get the results like that, the number gets stacked up instead of calculating. Your main objective is to swipe the game number in both directions using the plus and minus calculation and get the desired result.

Lulo is a simple yet challenging game to play. The more space you clear, the more gems you’ll earn and the higher scores you’ll obtain.

The app is available on the iTunes Store for free. There are in-app purchases also available through which you can purchase gems. You can also earn them if you win consecutively. The faster you win and your brain works, the higher you will be rewarded.

The designing of the app is quite good and the colors are attractive. It comes with 20 skins, means the background of the game to make math look good and enjoyable. All I want to say is that Lucky Logic is an amazing app for all the generations. It gives your brain an exercise in a fun way. So get this puzzle game now and start training your brain with some maths and logic. Have fun!

Worth Having Game – Download the fun game

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