LEO Privacy Guard: privacy protection for your phone

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Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Developer : Leomaster
Positivies :Superb user interface with good functionality
Negatives :none

There are some apps that you cannot afford to miss out now. Not only because of their functionality but also because of the fact that your privacy is of utmost importance. Keeping your data private is quite a task indeed. With sneaky friends, family, colleagues and loved ones, there are always chances that someone may pick up your phone and read or access things that are not intended for them. LEO Privacy Guard- AppLock is the best way to keep such disasters from taking place. This is indeed the most secure app to lock down your phone.


The app come with a number of superb features that help it stand out among the others in its niche. The most useful among these is the gallery hider, app locker and app covers. App lock allows oyu to set a lock upon each individual app. The appcover feature helps you keep your data private by making sure that no one is able to figure out the icon of your app or you can set error messages for all unauthorised user. It comes with a fingerprint scanner in case high amount of privacy is required for any app. There is also a message lock that allows you to lock specific private conversations.


Besides just keeping your phone secure, this app also boosts up the performance. Every time your phone requires to be boosted, the app notifies you. If you wish to perform a boost up at any other time, there is a boost icon in the shape of a rocket. Clicking this will get your phone to boost up in no time. When the process is completed, a pop up specifies the amount of memory that has been cleaned up.

To suit the situation, the app comes with two different modes- Guest mode and Home mode. You can toggle the modes when you like. There are certain apps that you may not want people in your surroundings to see based on your situation. This is where the modes come to the rescue. You can pre-set when the automatic switching between modes happens.


With so much functionality, most apps expect a minimal simple interface. LEO Privacy Guard- AppLock does not follow this at all. You get the best of functionality and user interface. The compromise is almost nothing here. Figuring out your way around the app the first time bares takes up any of your time. The interface has been designed such that it is easy to manage and highly effective. Everything you need has been laid out neatly for you.

To make the user feel at home, they can pick a language of their choice and set it as their default language. You can also monitor the data usage and limit via the app. once you install this app is when you realise how awesome your transport can be. With the various types of locks and themes and much more exciting times, this app is here to win our hearts. Go ahead and try it down!

Good: Superb user interface with good functionality

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App


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