LEO Privacy Guard : Keep your Smartphone privacy

by | Sep 19, 2015 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :Intuitive UI, concept, easy to handle
Negatives :none

A Smartphone is a very personal device which needs privacy. It keeps certain confidential things within, starting from all your personal information, bank detail, personal images and photos and much more. I definitely do not like when any of my family member tries to get into that.


Whatever reason it may be but often they might enter into the unauthorized area which really troubles me. I don’t want my personal stuff to be handled by anyone other than me. So I started another way by transferring my personal images to some cloud service instead of keeping those stored locally in the Smartphone.


But I was still wandering about some shortcut simpler solution to my issue, till I came across to know about the LEO Privacy Guard. As I wanted it has all the aspects which comply with my requirement. It is an all-in-one app which takes care of your phone and the personal stuff stored in it.

LEO Network Technology is founded by Kevin Zhang. He has an experience of ten years in top IT companies. Recently Mobile and Internet is the most promising and booming industry. So do not miss the chance to get the benefits of the advanced technology.


Going into detail I found four main features of this app are there. And those are: 

Phone lock: This will help you to lock all your chatting apps, Twitter accounts, Facebook and messages. This will not allow an unauthorized access to your phone. Anyone want to enter to the door will need your permission first. Here the app comes with multiple themes such as Christmas, night and many more. You can set as per your taste to get a different expression every time when your phone welcomes you.

Memory booster: The main feature of this memory booster is to clean up your phone memory. With this you Smartphone can become more smart which stops and irrelevant processes. You can get extra space on your phone. Thus, you do not need to crash in the middle when making an important call.

Back up: This in-app backup can help you to create backup for all your apps on the SD card. The best part is that you can share these apps with your friends and loved ones with no Mobile Data usage. Isn’t it interesting!

Hide Gallery: This is the advanced feature with which my entire worries done all of a sudden. This Hide Gallery feature allows you to hide the images you want from the gallery. The good part is that the gallery will not show locked, but at the same time it will not reflect those locked images on the screen. Isn’t it amazing…

In a nutshell, I will suggest everyone to download LEO Privacy Guard if you want to play it safe. Get your hand on this app and get rid of all your Smartphone privacy issues. You can get this app available for free in the Play Store. The app comes with the advanced special features of phone lock, backup, memory booster, hide Gallery, intuitive UI, small size among others which will change your life.

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