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Genre : Web
Platform : Web app
Developer : Lendify
Positivies :easy to use, simple, unique
Negatives :available only in sweden

Have you ever applied for a loan in your whole life? Let me guess, if you’re a parent or 1 or 2 children, you might have applied for their study loan or any other loan. If not, you might have taken home loan, car loan, etc. If you’re young, your parents might have taken loan for you. So whatever, the condition may be, a normal man can’t fulfill their dreams without taking loans. Whether it’s their daughter’s marriage, building a new home, purchasing a car, sending their son for higher studies, etc. Whatever the occasion is, everyone applies for loans at least once in a lifetime. But, do you know how they get a loan? Of Course from the banks or Credit card companies! Yes, it’s true! However, there is a new institution which has been a added in the list of marketplace for loans in Sweden. It’s called Lendify.

When it comes to loans in Sweden, Lendify is the largest marketplace for peer to peer lending. It doesn’t involve any Bank or credit card companies. It simply works on their own and provide better opportunities for the borrowers. It connects the investors with the borrowers and offer better terms for borrowers and solid returns for investors. The main aim of Lendify is the create a better economy for all the people. Since the year 2014, Lendify has lent more than 1 billion SEK to borrowers, with a growth rate of 350 percent between July 2017 and June 2018.

That’s why it is the Sweden’s largest online marketplace for peer to peer lending.

Moreover, it provides better borrowers access to personal loans with better terms and investors access to consumer credit to diversify their investment portfolios, and earn competitive returns. To start with Lendify, you need to create your profile by Signing In on the website. Then you’ll be redirected to the homepage. You can read the terms and conditions and choose a plan and apply for the loan. The loan will be approved within a few seconds as the process is digital, it’s very fast, transparent and flexible.

Lendify offers a new type of loan to the borrowers where it can provide great rates for the borrowers. The interest rate depends on certain things such as the borrowers’ credit ratings and the payback period of the loans. However, it has made possible to utilize the business model of traditional banks by investing capital in personal loans to creditworthy borrowers and get 4-6% in yearly return. Apart from that, Lendify also offer its unique loyalty program under which it rewards something that lowers the borrower’s interest rate when paying back on time.

On the whole, I would say that Lendify is a must have tool for all the people who live in Sweden and are seeking for the best marketplace for loans! Just, go for it without having a second thought!

PROS: a safe and secure tool to take loans; best offers; fast; lower interest rate; solid returns for investors; largest peer to peer lending platform; great tool which is free to use. 

CONS: available only in Sweden.

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