Laser Pegs iPad App : Light Up Your Grey Cells

by | Dec 23, 2012 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :The concept of the app and its user interface
Negatives :No sharing options on social networking sites

Laser pegs are great fun to play with. And kids simply love and enjoy playing with them. If your children are big fans of the toy Laser Pegs, then here is something else they will definitely like. There is now a Laser Pegs iPad app that is sure to get them excited. This app will not only get children interested, but people of all ages can enjoy it to the fullest extent. All that it requires is a love for building and this app is sure crafted for you.

This iPad app is based on the real toy called Laser Pegs. It is like lighting up small sized building blocks. Does it not sound great now? If you are a parent of boys, then there is no way you would not have heard of this game. It is highly popular and is so for a reason. For all you know, you might enjoy the game as well. Girls and boys alike have been fascinated by the game and cannot stop playing it once they begin.

This was about the real toy game. Now, to move on to the iPad app. It is sure to get you glued within a short span of a few minutes. And this addiction is independent of age or any other barrier. Just anyone and everyone will find themselves hooked in no time. There is so much you can create with this app, you just have to let those grey cells free and then light it all up once done.

For very small kids, this app might be a little advanced but almost anyone can get how to go about it. The basic idea of this app is to provide you with a building scene in 3D so that you can control and play with your building objects, flipping, twisting and turning them as per your wish. Once you have placed it satisfactorily, you can attach all the pieces using the connector button. As is with the toy, you have to connect all the objects in the right order if you want them to glow and light up in the end.

The Laser Pegs iPad app enables you to think also mathematical and visual lines and encourage skills of pattern recognition and problem solving, while requiring perfect coordination between the eye and the hand. Designing and building objects in this way is great fun and is also highly constructive for the young tender mind of your child. The first peg has to be connected to the power source, which is then capable of lighting up the other pegs as they are connected to it in the right manner. It is like building blocks with a more interesting and fun twist that will sure get you excited about the game.

The user interface creates a great mood and is relatively simple to work with. Figuring out the initial controls is a little hard but once you do, the game is very easy and enterprising and is sure to get your creative grey cells soaring. It will sure light them all up.

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