KPI Alerts Professional : Must Have Business Tool

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : BizOn
Positivies :seo, trial pack, easy to use
Negatives :none

As an iPhone or an iPad user one of the best application that will come in handy to your business is the KPI alert application. This is surely a must have application for any entrepreneur regardless of the size of their business, since it technically gives you the freedom to monitor the performance of your business all the time and from virtually anywhere, simply through your handheld devices particularly through the iPhone, your iPad or even through your iPod touch. Known as Key performance Indicator, the KPI alert professional is one of the latest iOS applications that can allow you to monitor various key performance indicators of your business through your mobile thus keeping you updated with some of the latest and current changes in your business all round the clock and in real time.

The KPI alert is therefore a mobile application and a tool that can be used either by start ups, small or even medium size businesses to monitor some of the metrics, trends and the alerts that matters most to them, from any where and at anytime. With this application, all the crucial indicators are always at your finger tips, of course accessible right from your handheld smartphone. Such that, should some of the indicators go out of range, then you will be able to get a notification to let you react immediately to the situation.That way you will always have full control of your business even while away.


Downloadable from the App store for free and with 60 days trial package, this app is however fast and easy to download and install. In fact, it takes as little as five minutes to instal an run it. While at the same time it has a simple and quite an intuitive interface with no complex nor sophisticated layout. From the KPI dashboard you will see various signals, with the red signal indicating negative changes, a drop or a loss, while the green signal signaling positive changes and with the yellow signaling indicating a minimal or insignificant change. This app automatically fetches data from all various sources via your emails and links them to your dashboard to let you detect the latest information and data as they come. In any case it is up on you to decide on the number of KPI’s or on which KPIs that you intend to follow through this program.


The KPI alert program is therefore not only an alert conscious program, but it also protects some of the sensitive business data by securing them in the Amazon cloud database. Furthermore, the application tend to portray a very professional and admirable layout that have no any bugs and so it definitely fulfills its task effectively and appropriately simply through the use of Google analytic, to things like sales data and server alerts and so is very essential for any small or medium scale enterprises and businessmen. To use this application simply download it from the app store, install and set it up, sign up and begin using it as soon as you are done. It is that simple, easy and intuitive to set up and to use on your smartphone.

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