Just 2 Words for Android phone

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Platform : Android
Developer : Adveractive Inc
Positivies :The hints, which you have to earn, the graphics and the simplistic challenge of the game make it a winner
Negatives :Better get more acquainted with the language if you want to ace the game. Also, it takes time to download.

Just 2 Words is all set to make all word game lovers go crazy. What more, it may get you hopelessly hooked to your Android phone. Just 2 Words, developed by David L Hoyt; a popular puzzle and game inventor has simple and straight clues but is tricky at the same time. The game is exactly in Hoyt’s spirit for puzzling as evident in his famous puzzles like USA Today Word Roundup, Jumble Crosswords, TV Jumble and many more.

Just 2 Words for Android is designed to be played by people of all ages. This means there are no complicated answers and most of the two words used are commonly heard in modern usage or names of famous people. Many puzzles appear tough to crack but once you spend your precious coins for a hint, the answer is so unbelievably simple, it was in your face all the time and thus, makes an unforgettable face palm moment.

Each puzzle in Just 2 Words is based on a two word combination like ‘PLAIN PIZZA’. The user is provided with two clues. Firstly, the letters meant to form the two words are shown in a jumbled form. Secondly, pictures representing the two words in one way or the other are displayed. In this case, one sees an aeroplane and a slice of pizza. It sounds all very obvious, but to figure out that a ‘plane’ can also indicate ‘plain’ and a ‘pizza’ is just what it is- ‘pizza’ is something that many gamers miss out.

You already figured it out? Not to worry! The levels get tougher as you go up. You may probably even think what a black horse in a meadow can actually mean but then when you finally get the answer, you realize you knew it already. If the game gets tough at any point, you may spend some of your coins on a few hints. Earn more coins with each solved puzzle.


  • Just 2 Words is compatible with Android 2.2 and upwards.
  • Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of Just 2 Words have been published by Adveractive, Inc. and Hoyt Interactive Media.
  • The game is available in 46.8 MB and 60 MB sizes.
  • It is a part of the NOOKapp series.
  • Just 2 Words is free app for Android.
  • High resolution phones and HD tablets are going to have a home run with the beautiful sharp graphics and picture quality of the game.
  • It rates 4/5 on several reviews which is all the more reason you should get it right away.
  • The interface is playful and interactive.
  • Any time after putting in a word, the letters can be removed and put in again.
  • Each puzzle provides three hints which cost increasing number of coins to use. Either the letters are shown or colour coded for the two words or David Hoyt pops out to help you out.
  • Share your scores on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The app also available in AppStore for iPhone
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